If I was not born in 1914 when the British government amalgamated southern and northern Nigeria through their representative Lord Luggard, and if I was not born in 1967-1970 when the same British government spearheaded the massacres of more than 4 million people from different clans of Biafra. Now I am not only born but a grown up man when the same British government allowed her citizens to decide by the Democratic process which country or nations they are willing to the unit within the trade, commerce, education, foreign relation, banking and finance, etc. It is today a historical fact, and undeniably true that the British government knows the right of the people and how to allow such right to be exercised. Most of us probed the history books and was able to dig out some facts that have shaped our future and paved way for a talented individual to attain to a height as nature permits. It has now been confirmed by the result of recently concluded BREXIT that the Nigeria government and the British government conspired and LEVIED WAR AGAINST BIAFRANS IN 1967. We the young ones born during or shortly after our fathers and mothers rescued the one-sided war by declaring a sovereign nation of BIAFRA. The new country survived despite the military siege, spearheaded by Britain and Nigeria, who gave just six Months notice to crush and make a total end of the young nation of Biafra. How our fathers survived what the world refused to tag genocidal WW11 against Biafra up till now remains a miracle. By the recent confessions made by Nigeria and their colonial masters, the British that indeed THERE WAS A NATION AND HER NAME IS BIAFRA. They also confirmed that the NATION EXISTED THREE CALENDAR YEARS AND WAS FORCED TO JOIN A COUNTRY THEIR CITIZENS VOTED NOT TO BELONG. 45 years into the unwanted and rejected union neither the British government nor the Nigeria government gave the Biafran nation a sense of belonging. The nation of Biafra did their best to prove to the world superpowers Russia, USA, Great Britain and all the Arab-Islamic world that they can fit into any country by building two cities one in the capital of Abuja located in the northern Nigeria and the second city is Lagos located in western Nigeria. But in the eastern part of Nigeria where Biafra nation is located no single known federal government industries built for the benefit of the people whose natural and human resources is used in the construction of two world-class cities. The Biafrans was classified second class citizens, in government circles. Political appointments was not on merit but where you come from, for example, if you are from Sokoto state, and you are Hausa/Fulani, and the vacant job is for qualified engineers, you will be given the post then give you enough money to higher a qualified engineer while the figure head will only submit reports prepared by the expert who did the work without anybody knowing him. The economy of Nigeria blossoms between 1970 the civil war ended till 2016 is because of the Biafran technocrats, diplomats and expats. The Biafrans was feared and envied by the so-called winners of the war, because of their unexpected rise in commerce, trade and industry despite the fact that our fathers was stripped down, disposed of everything that will restore their divinity in the society, houses, money with their clans divided into south south and south east. Their majority clan the Igbos was carved out with enmity sown between them so that we will hate each other forever.
It was general knowledge in Nigeria that any village, town or city you did not see any Biafran, the place us classified evil, but wherever you find them light and human activities and development will be seen there. Biafrans has never fought any nation in a war of conquest, they have never been defeated by any country or nation in military combat mission, history has it that they stop fighting in 1967-1970 civil war due to the unconventional method the British used in battle when the Nigerian army could not defeat them in face to face combats. The British supported Nigeria to use FOOD BLOCKADE TO STARVE MORE THAN 3.5 MILLION WOMEN, CHILDREN AND NONE COMBATANTS IN BIAFRALAND thus forcing the Biafran commandos to abandon the war. The Biafran army did not surrender to the Nigerian army. The Islamic Caliphate from northern Nigeria namely the Hausa/Fulani and the Yoruba conspirators believed that as long as the Britishness government is concern Biafra will remain their slaves forever, today the Biafrans are scattered all over the world found everywhere there is live on the planet earth, making waves in their field of endeavours. WHY DID THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT CHOSE TO BACKUP LAZY, ISLAMIC TERRORIST IN NORTHERN NIGERIA TO KILL BIAFRANS? The mistake remains the same with the mistake those who created Islam in the middle- east made, Rome created the To consolidate their grip in the middle-east and Jerusalem, coming back to retrieve the power but discovered that the followers of the Islamic faith had taken root and subsequently refused to relinquish power to the invading Roman soldiers.
The British made the same mistake after handing over power to the Islamic northern Nigeria Caliphate, only to discover they have refused to relinquish it. The lazy, terrorist jihadist in Nigeria is behaving true to type, vowing to sink everybody into the sea in Nigeria instead of allowing any nation to emerge out of it. Shockingly, the British government have just recently played into the hands of Biafran who have been looking for any loopholes to EXIT the contraption called Nigeria. On the result of the BREXIT just concluded have shown that the Brutish people in voting to the EXIT EUROPEAN UNION HAVE VOTED FOR BIAFREXIT FROM THE ZOO CALLED NIGERIA. As Britain accepted the choice if it citizens, so they are now boxed into a corner to agree on the EXIT of Biafra from Nigeria. The result if BREXIT was a surprise to the BRITS but it a miracle to Biafrans, the door for Biafrans final journey to homeland has been opened by fellow citizens of the world the British people. I CONGRATULATE THEM BUT MY CONGRATULATIONS ALSO GEOS TO BIAFRANS WHY? The British government and the zoo Islamic government in Nigeria are international, democratically, morally and traditionally bound to respect the opinion of the Biafran people with or without REFERENDUM. ALL HAIL BIAFRA.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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