THE ORDER BY THE NIGERIAN ARMY NOW IS ARREST, KILL AND BURRY BIAFRANS It is no longer a joke that we are under attack we are under attack, let anyone who thinks otherwise come down to Onitsha now and see for himself. The zoological Nigerian army has now resorted to the indiscriminate arrest and kill strategy by arresting Biafrans in the streets of Onitsha and taking them to the Barracks to kill them and eradicate the body evidence now very difficult to understand what is going on here in this country, the army does not bother to fight the insurgency and because the terrorists are brothers and the militants fighting a just battle are more powerful than the military. Therefore, each time the militants fires the weak army, the cowards will resort to killing innocent people. What can the unarmed civilians do, the government is using the army to the Biafrans as the world is not interested in coming our help. Biafrans are still mourning the death of over 50 souls killed on the 30th of May 2016 by murderous military, Biafrans are still begging the Government and the army to the corpses that they took away, and right now as we write the army is seriously arresting people all around Onitsha and at the same time killing them. The President scheduled a visit to Ogoni land and the Niger Delta militants told him not step into Niger Delta and he obeyed, does that not settle the matter? Why should the President order the arrest and killing of innocent people? Why is the world keeping quiet? This is the highest of all wickedness, a conspiracy at the worst peak. A big shame to the President who does not know anything about democracy and governance, a president who only wants to kill and destroy. It is a big shame to the military that does not know how to confront insurgency and militancy but always kill innocent civilians in reprisals. It is a big shame to the British government that does not see any reason to protect human life in the Biafra land but forced us into unholy marriage with blood sucking vampires called Hausa-Fulani. It is a big shame to America that has acted in foolishness to supply arms to Buhari to use against the Biafrans By Chukwuka Fidelis 
Published by Uchechi Collins For IPOB writers
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