there are many reasons to say that Nigerians and majority of its political leaders are fantastically corrupt, nigerianmeNigerian government has been shielding murderers and criminals and also sponsoring terrorism, just a day before yesterday been 16th June Nigeria defence headquarter announced that 700 Boko Haram has been surrendered these are all deceit, Buhari is using this trick to shield Boko Haram his brothers instead of bringing them to justice.
Meanwhile Buhari government is using grazing reserve bill to spread Islam all over Nigeria as he promised by pushing these abomination bill called grazing reserve bill in other to empower his murderous brothers Fulani herdsmen to forcefully acquire landed property anywhere in the country in order to achieve their position in every corner of the country and massacre innocent Christians.
These are the reasons why all Christians must reject this bill total:
(1) Buhari is using this bill to take your land forcefully and give to Fulani herdsmen as compensation for his targets.
(2) rearing of cows is a private business so the public must not contribute to it because it is not for public benefit.
(3)it is Buhari's means of spreading Islam all over the country as he promised.
(4)Fulani herdsmen cattle rearers are a threat to the christian lively hood.
(5) their cows destroy our agricultural products.
(6)Fulani herdsmen are terrorist.
(7)Fulani herdsmen are a rapist.
(8) Fulani herdsmen are above the law because their leader Buhari is in power.
All these are reasons why Christians should reject this bill called grazing reserve bill.

UmuChiukwu Writers
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