Buhari returns
Xylem Chukwubatista
For Biafra Choice Writers

Recently pictures of Nigerian maximum ruler, Muhammadu Buhari in a London hospital, were made available to the world to see. On seeing pictures, some hypocrites started asking that prayers be made for Buhari not to die.
One began to wonder whether they were not aware of Buhari’s last wish, which he uttered at the palace of the emir of Katsina, where he declared: "I'm ready to die defending Nigeria's unity." He made the declaration on May 9, 2016, and since then his sickness escalated. Since Biafra will definitely be restored, did this people not know that it was wrong to pray for Buhari?
Let us remind ourselves of Buhari’s words, he had said: "A few individuals who were not even born as at the time of the civil war are now out agitating for secession. I fought in that war to unite Nigeria and there is no way I will allow such to happen while I am alive, I will not take it lightly with anybody agitating for secession. I am ready to die defending this country… I cannot fight for the unity of this country and somebody just comes out and chases me out of it. That is not possible."
He continued: "In the civil war of over 30th months, with two million lives were, I slept and crawled at yam farms, many died of hunger but recently a few individuals are calling for split. This war was fought to unite the country because as at then there was no oil.
We fought for the nation's indivisibility, so let's do it, the agitation is been taken too far, the damage done is too much and we will not take it anymore." he said.
He further went on to call on community leaders in their respective location to reeducate their people on the importance why Nigeria should remain as one, and for them to make list of their demand every month as the government will look into them.
One began to wonder what the daft old fool was talking about. He was looking for lists to be given to him every month, but the singular list of Biafra he would not attain to. Talk about hypocrisy.
After listening to the pedophile, tyrant and dullard, as most sensible men of honour will describe to him, one will then be forced to ask few questions: 1. That the damage that was done, was too much and they would not take it anymore. What was the damage, who suffered the damage, and what was done to remedy the damage?
2. Buhari claimed that two million Nigerians lost their lives as a result of the war. Was the two million Nigerians as claimed by Buhari, Fulani people, Hausa, or Yorubas; or any of the peoples that call themselves Nigerians? Biafrans were killed and forced into Nigeria – no meeting was done to resolve any of the issues that led to the war. Indeed, more of the injustices were done to Biafrans, and so the agitation for Biafra will continue.
3. Buhari also said the war was fought for the unity of Nigeria when oil was not discovered. Assuming that he was telling the truth (which he was not telling) why should Nigeria not cease to remain one now that oil is discovered. Should we now conclude that Buhari does not know the difference between forcing people to belong to a contraption and reasoning with them? The fact was that Buhari and his Fulani kinsmen, with their Hausa and Yoruba houseboys fought to take the oil in Biafraland by force of arms, supported by Britain.

It is therefore necessary to inform Buhari, unity cannot be by force. However, this piece is not to discuss the merits or demerits of Buhari’s childish and thoughtless arguments. This piece is meant to wish him what he wished himself. We heard he has come back to Nigeria after his medical trip to the UK. They could not  help him, and so he has come back to prepare for one of two things – either to die from his health challenge or to be overthrown in the coup his kinsmen are staging.
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