By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers
It is no longer news that those who call themselves Nigerians are still being deceived by their dumb and clueless rulers like Muhammadu Buhari. It is pathetic seeing many of them, primitive and parochial; rejoice after hallucinating over the rhetoric of their politicians.
Even after all the promises made in the past were not fulfilled, they still foolishly believe new lies and promises. In all of these, hardly will you hear any of them ask critical questions that would make they understand the issues better. That is why we call them monkeys and baboons.
That was how they were sold a dummy in a headline on Monday, May 2, 2016, which read: "Nigeria to Generate 7,000 MW electricity by, 2017". The body of the news told them that their Vice President Yemi Osinbajo “announced that Federal Government was planning to Generate 7,000 MW of Electricity within the next 18 Months. According to him, power remains a major challenge the Federal Government had been facing, and is determined to solve it".
Because the monkeys and baboons could neither reason nor ask critical questions, they believed their sycophantic Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God, who in spite of his position as a pastor joined the brood of liars to deceive them.
Today, we can comfortable ask Osinbajo, “how far with your power generation promise?” the question is rhetorical as we are well aware that it has diminished to an all-time. We know that his government has the sole record as the only one in Nigerian history that registered zero generation of electricity in, at least.
That was why we laughed then when the promises were made, and we are laughing now, because Nigerians are foolish people – both their ordinary citizens and their leaders. It is only foolish people that will expect their country to make progress with unwilling citizens within its borders; it is only foolish Nigerians that will expect to make progress with Biafra within its borders.

Biafra independence from Nigeria is the only solution to all Nigeria’s woes. Continue to ignore this truth at your own peril.
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