I was sent to the market this early morning to buy some foodstuffs at the market.Although is long, I visited markets because of the nature of environments. I went without delay but was totally amazed at what I saw in the market. I went to garri line and demanded five paints of garri not knowing that dollar is as well affecting ordinary garri. I carried the garri and paid. Unfortunately, the seller of the garri nearly slapped me, and I became curious and surprised to hear her calling me a thief. I asked to explain how I became a thief, she said didn't I know that a paint of garri is now #700? I shouted the blood of Jesus! She gave me a puzzled gaze and stretched her hands to collect the balance. 
I could remember some months ago when we bought two paints of garri for #700. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got home with nothing. The present era has shown us that the next three years will be hell in a cage for one Nigerianists. If in a twinkle of an eye, everything became upside down, what will become of this hellfire called Nigeria in the next four years to come. Before the chief rapist and paedophile Muhammadu Buhari took the mantle of leadership, he promised Nigerians a changed Nigeria, of which they shouldn't be any surprise since he foretold his actions.
But what marvels me is the fact that many Nigerians has failed to realise the fact that the zoo called Nigeria has expired. How do you expect good out of expired products? For crying out loud, it's impossible. Nigeria has an expiry date, and that date has come and gone, so one shouldn't expect any real from her. 
The paedophile, who is the chief commander of arm forces took to his heels on hearing the threat of the militant group. Is this a qualification of a competent leader? During the tenure of his predecessor, Dr Goodluck Ebere Jonathan, Boko Haram surfaced, though they were not defeated, the then president, managed the nation and the poor were not affected. Today in the zoo called Nigeria, it has become crystal clear that the heartbeat of Nigeria is oil from Biafraland. Worst still they disregarded the owners and used it to enrich themselves, developing their quarters and of course the owners, sent to hell.
These are the reasons why Biafra has emerged to put Nigeria into the waste bin. I bless the name of Chiukwu Okike Ahbiama (God) for giving us a great prophet, mazi Nnamdi Kanu whom by him shall the Lord crush the Babylonia Nigeria. The paedophile should stop running from one country to another. He should come back to face his fate. The sufferings in Nigeria can never end except division, which means that the remedy of hardship in Nigeria is BIAFRA.

Emmanuel Precious 
Editor Udeagha Obasi
Umuchiukwu writers.
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