Avengers in action in the creeks
Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) have achieved so much in such a short space of time with its “operation red economy” that they no longer have to fire a single shot to achieve their aims. These days, once they approach any oil installation, the soldiers deployed there always scamper for safety.
One of such incident happened recently at the waterfront of Gbaraintoru community in Yenagoa LGA of Bayelsa State, during the afternoon of Friday, June 10, 2016. The incident happened when the Strike Force of the Avengers approached the Shell Liquefied and natural gas plant on the waterfront of the community, where gas flaring has been taking place for years.
As the poorly trained and remunerated Nigerian soldiers guarding the facility saw the well-kitted Avengers’ men approaching on three gunboats, they started retreating and were about to scamper for safety, and then the gallant Avengers called out to them not to run. They told the terribly frightened Nigerian chickens called soldiers that they were not about to harm them; but to give them a message.
The message was simple. Shell should shut down the facility and stop flaring gas. "Tell Shell to shut down this plant at once. We do not want to see that gas flare anymore" they ordered and then zoomed off.
Since then everything on the facility has remained quiet – the plant is shut; the staff are evacuated; and Avengers have triumphed once again. As a matter of fact, Shell has shut all its activities in Biafraland and evacuated staff.

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