BIAFRA It might be surprising, but it is true. In 1986 during the draw CV onion régime of one of the murderers of Biafrans Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the news that was making round was the killing of a well-known Nigeria journalist Mr Dele Giwa by a parcel bomb delivered to him by his friend on the tea table on Sunday 19th October 1986. By Monday 20th October 1986 at about 3:30 pm somebody came to where we were having fellowship and told me that the Northern Council of Churches headed then by Rev Gin the then head of Evangelical Church of West Africa ECWA want to see me, I should be around 21-22 years of age, I stood up clutched by Bible in my left armpit, the messenger led me to a white Landrover jeep parked outside opened the door and I entered. After taken my seat, I turned left where he sat and asked where are we in Kavanchan or where? He responded by saying Kaduna, I then told him why don't we go back to my house so that you can take some money that I can't travel that far without cash on me, and nobody knows that I am going to such a meeting, he said Sir, whatever you want to buy just tell me I'll get it for you they gave us enough cash and again time is going. We got to Kakuri near Kaduna Polytechnic, in the night about 8:20 pm.

A young man by name David came out first followed by two elderly men and welcomed us, and Ahmed the messenger introduced me to them saying this is Pastor Benjamin you requested we should go to Kafanchan and bring for tomorrow's meeting, after the introduction, they shook my hand warmly saying we have heard so much about you and that Rev Gin will be happy to hear that you are here. After that, one of them told Jacob the messenger to take me to the guest house and prepare a dinner for me and left. I wasn't thinking about food, but what is the purpose of this impromptu invitation from total strangers, they served me rice and beef with a bottle of soda, I managed to eat and but did not sleep throughout the night, I couldn't even concentrate on prayers, shortly it was a day break 5 am when I looked at the wall clock. By 6:30 am Jacob the messenger came in and greeted, asking how was the night, did you sleep well? I responded in affirmation and thanked him for his care; he then said to me the meeting with the council will be by 8:30-9am but for now, someone will be bringing your breakfast, and the meeting place is within just the next hall by your left walk inside and take any seat you want. I then said OK he's gone.

1hour later, a young girl by name Asabe brought the breakfast greeted and placed it on the table and said Sir, should you need anything, press that bell someone will cone to attend to you she left immediately. I ignored the food, rushed to the bathroom and took my bath, dressed up in the same cloth I wore previous day and started praying fervently for God to take control no matter what may be their reason for inviting me. I was so anxious and got to the venue of the meeting 29 minutes before time. They came for the meeting one by one and in twos. After the introduction, I was called to come forward I stood up and walked to the pulpit like alter their Secretary began by apologising to me for the sudden invitation saying that it was an urgent matter that requires the attention of all the people that are seated then he began by asking (1) Tell us your full name (2) Where do you come from (3) How long have you been in northern Nigeria. (4) Who is your sponsor or sponsors? (5) What can you tell us about Christianity in the north of Nigeria? I then thanked him and the rest of the elders young men and women that were among them and began answering their question one by one but when it got to where I came from, I told them that I am from Southern Nigeria but before I could finish saying that, the secretary interrupted me by asking in a harsh voice say your tribe we all know that you are from the South, many of them responded yes, yeah, yeah in agreement with his question. I immediately told myself, these people has something else up their sleeves, all the same, I went ahead to tell them that I am an Igbo man from Enugu state, I am a native of Affa in Udi local government.

After hearing that, they no longer allow me to answer the remaining two questions when the Reverend stood up and asked me to sit down, I sat down while he talked, he said to me listen young man, the type of Christianity you Igbo's practice is different from the kind of Christianity we the northerners practice here, as you can see, the majority of the people practice Islamic religion and we do not do anything that will bring suspicion, hatred or fighting amongst the two religion, we don't even believe in miracle and if we do, we don't practice it since the Muslims will see it as a means of converting their people to Christian faith. That is the selfish reason you are invited so that the council and elders will ask you to leave us alone and relocate to another Southern state.
We are not driving you, but we do not want a crash of interest with our Muslim brothers who incidentally in power as I speak. You can see Apostolic Church, our own Church ECWA, Roman Catholic and the rest of them, any stranger who wants to minister here must follow our directives that are why some of you from the especially the Igbos pastors does not last or stay too long before they are booted out. We heard all that happened to you, did somebody came to Kafanchan to tell you to stop the way you are preaching; we understand you are very young but don't come here to cause trouble we are at peace with Islam here. The Reverend continued by saying, if you look at the police officers that arrested you, we sent them, they are Christians like you and all of us here, but Muslim complained to us too much that is why we including CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (C.A.N) northern Nigeria chapter endorsed for your arrest. He went on, anywhere you go throughout the north what we are telling here is what they will tell you some of our people may not even be patient as we are, so as we advise you, advice yourself. Mr Jacob, the secretary, also said, look at General Yakubu Gowon, Theophilus Danjuma, Mr Tarka and Dabo, Joseph Garba, etc. all of them are Christians and did not go against the north controlling power in Nigeria. Anybody in Christendom, especially from the north who kicks against the direction leadership in Nigeria, is fighting all of us. That was how I got to know that northern Islamic Ullamas one of the highest decision makers in Islam was advised by the Northern Christians to arrest me. I came back to Kafanchan, downcast, I managed to stay but couldn't, how can i preach the gospel upside down, how can I deny Christian that are poor their right of being supported by the church, only to turn around and be distributing bags of rice and beans to Muslim beggars who will be instructed one bad morning to burn the church buildings and kill the members even though they are northerners too. My few years I stayed was uneventful, boring and wasteful, because I was hindered by those expected to be my backbone should I have any confrontation by another region especially Islam. I gradually moved down to Ibadan, from there to Lagos. And never returned to the north ever since. Apostle Johnson Suleiman is only behaving true to time, a leopard cannot change it skin, he has an Islamic background, he is an Islamic plant, an anti-Christ, following the part of Mr Yakubu Jack Gowon, T.Y Danjuma, Jeremiah Useni, Mr.Dogara THE current speaker of the House of Representative, David Mark and many of the northern Christians. Look at Bishop Kumar of Sokoto state he can criticise the government of Buhari but when it comes to Biafra, you will see him shrink back to his shell. Northern Nigeria Christians have not suffered persecution, the same applies to the Yoruba Christians, none has experienced what the Igbo Biafran Christians have passed through in the name of one Nigeria. Both the Muslims and Christians in northern Nigeria do not want independent of Biafra, why, their light goes off, as soon as Biafra sovereign state is restored, you can check 40-50% of Johnson Suleiman's church is made up of Biafrans, so Haida it is to other churches, Redeem, Winners, Pastor Tunde Bakare's church, Pastor Adefarasin's Guidelight assemble, Apostolic Church, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) And many more. BUT THE BIAFRAN SUN MUST RISE AND SHINE; HER SOVEREIGNTY IS AS SURE AS THE SUN ITSELF.

By Benjamin Kish
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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  1. The thing that is causing you people to stumble, is lack of discretion! The pastors up north gave you advice that was cogent! The wisdom to take away is that when serving God, let God act! Men often lose their lives because they go against Gods command, even as John the Apostle who was told to shake the dust off from your feet if any reject your preaching- instead he persisted to approach Herod and was killed! The wisdom is to let God act and follow God very exactly, never interjecting your reasoning from scripture, but actually hearing from God!

    The people claiming Biafra must come, are reveling too foolishly and attracting attention of enemies. It goes against what the Bible says- " Let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing"! If you people do not desist and truly hear from God in all your steps, you will continue to be guided by the speeches of common men into destruction for nothing, other than lack of wisdom and discretion!