By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

When God said though Apostle Paul in Romans 4: 24 that, “For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written”, he was obviously talking about fake people like a certain Apostle Johnson Suleiman.
This man is said to be the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry. He is based in Kaduna. But he had the audacity to preach heresy against Biafra. This man calls himself a preacher, and ambassador of Jesus Christ, yet, had the temerity to tell the world that Biafra was dead because those who fought for it were dead.
How can somebody who claims to know God, hear from him, and read His word, open his mouth to utter such nonsense? How can a man who claims to be Christian, and that his faith stands on the Bible (as the Word of God) not know that the Bible is a book of freedom?
Does this Sulaiman not know that Jehovah Yahweh is the God of freedom, and his book the Bible, a book of freedom? Does he not know that God and his word (the Bible) support nothing else but freedom – both physical and spiritual freedom? He exhibited his burden of ignorance, that is why he will leave the fundamental issues of Biafra, both legal and scriptural, to dwell on slogans and jargons.
Perhaps what this man is telling the world is that if he existed during the time of Moses, he would have told him that Israel was dead because those who brought the people to Egypt were dead. Or perhaps also if he was with David, he would have told him not to fight Goliath because his people had been fighting to be free people more hundreds of years, but had not been able to achieve it. He would have dissuaded Samuel who sent out Saul to fight, or berated Daniel for praying for freedom for Israel. It then means that if Johnson Sulaimon was around when Ben Gurion and his associates like Golda Meir, and Moshe Dayan were fighting for the state of Israel as we know it today, he would have told them to forget it that Israel had fallen for more than 2500 years before. Does this man know that Biafra has existed for more than 3000 years before his father and Nigeria was born?
It is indeed possible that if Johnson Sulaiman was there when Jesus healed on a Sabbath Day he would have joined to criticize him for delivering a son of Abraham from spiritual bondage on a Sabbath Day. Or better still he would have advised Jesus not to die on the cross because for more than five thousand years, Satan has already enslaved humanity.
It is beginning to look as if this Sulaiman is one of many people who jumped into the bandwagon of Christianity without understanding its real essence. That is a big shame considering the amount of claims he has made in the name of Christ.
The man just showed that he is not worthy of any Biafran, who is worth his father’s name, to worship in his church. Every true Biafran should desert that church. He has shown himself as one of the fraudsters masquerading as preachers in Nigeria, because it is apparent he does not hear from God; he does not know God’s word; and he does not know God’s will.

  Editor: There are rumours that he has denied ever speaking against Biafra. But we have not seen it.
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