Nnamdi Kanu: the prisoner of conscience
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian President and Adolf Hitler of our time, continues to tear Nigerian laws and Constitution down as he wickedly seeks ways to kill Nnamdi Kanu. Most unnerving and in spite of his glaring manipulations, the world appears unperturbed as if they want Buhari to have his way.
But Nnamdi Kanu, is not a criminal but a freedom fighter. He is the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra, who has done nothing but campaigned for the restoration of Biafra as an independent sovereign state, severed from the apron strings of the contraption called Nigeria. Buhari has vowed to kill him and is working towards it by manipulating the legal process. Painfully, no major world leader has spoken up against it. This is wrong.
The world must not wait until Buhari achieves his wicked plan before they react. They should know that Buhari is a Fulani, and that Fulani people revel in vindictiveness and evil. Buhari is not different. Not only those, Fulani people are always brutal and tyrannical, and would do anything to have their way. They were the ones who – through their long list of military rulers – brought the system of masked witnesses in Nigerian military; and they have since been trying to bring it into Nigerian jurisprudence, even when clearly alien to the country’s laws and constitution.
The latest news is that Nigerian Appeal court has approved for the court to use hooded witnesses in the case against Nnamdi Kanu. The world may have kept mute, believing that it is a joke and that Buhari will not dare to take the joke too far. But he has already taken it far enough and will go further if not stopped. That is the way of the Fulani; they can take any joke too far, especially when the world keeps quiet. They had taken it that far in the past and before the world would react, it was too late.
Whenever Fulani people want to circumvent rule of law to kill a man, who they believe has offended them, masking their witnesses has been their signature. They do some the shield the body language and facial expression of the lying agent they use as witnesses.
So Buhari is not actually doing something new here. When Sani Abacha was running his junta, and wanted to scare Ogoni people from their agitation, he used it in the trial of Ken Saro-Wiwa. That gave him the leeway to kill him and the other Ogoni nine extra-judicially. Before Abacha, Murtala Mohammed used it to judge a former Inspector General of Police, and later flogged him to death, at his Ikeja residence, in front of his children.
But those were military regimes, but now civilian dictator, Buhari is planning on using the same thing for the Biafran leader, and will succeed unless protests are not kicked off in various forms this very moment. This time it does not matter whether you like Kanu or not. It does not matter whether you want Biafra or not. The reality is that a terrible precedence is about being set by a supposedly democratic government.
United States of America (USA) will be doing a great disservice to humanity if it goes ahead to confront Niger-delta freedom fighters, the Niger-delta Avengers in a war rather than working for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, one of their (The Avengers) demands. The US government and its citizens know as much as many civilized countries that wars solve no problems. Biafrans are ready to do mutually beneficial business with the USA. What they will no longer stomach is allowing Northern Nigeria Fulanis to steal Biafran resources, and then use it to do business with the US, to their detriment.

The world must not wait until Buhari succeeds before they do something about his plans to kill Kanu.
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