BIAFRA Dear Sir, The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) write to re-emphasize on your readiness to assist Nigeria in combating Biafran Youths. And to bring to your notice how relevant Biafran nation will be to your country the United States than Nigeria if restored. 
Is applaudable to hear that your country wants to render a mutual help to Nigeria to quench the pressure the present government is undergoing by the Niger Delta youths who are deliberately fighting for their freedom. Freedom, as you may know, is an essential right which average Human being naturally have and demands that no one contravene such natural right. Your country the USA has been up and doing the areas of assistance to nations phased with insurgency and terrorism, e.g., Iraq and Iran, etc. I must give you credit for that awesome love, protection, brotherhood and hope of assurance. 
In spite of your assistance to Nigeria, I wish to tell you that Niger Delta youths are peace loving people like the USA. The truth is that there is a time in one's life he gets to figure out what he is missing that could be of better important to the future. Since the oil boom in Nigerian, the Niger Deltans has been the once massively feed nation of Nigeria to the extent they have nothing to account for their unborn children. There has not been better life around the areas where this crude is extracted; fathers, mothers, children, animals beg for one square meal, everybody. They have lost all they got because the presence of oil spill, gas flaring, bush burning, sea poisoning and lost of land to the government. 
The rise of Niger Delta youths protests and disturbance under Niger Delta Avengers, Isoko militants, Egbesu Red Sea militants and Egbesu mighty fraternity, is not caused by oil control deprivation or resource control alone but by illegal detention of Biafrans, who has been outspoken over some human right abuses. The ones of note are the unlawful detention of Dr Nnamdi Kanu, who is heading Biafrans (IPOB) in protest for the restoration of Biafra, Dazuki who served as former Security Adviser under Ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Fani-Femi Kayode and Olisa Metu. There is no smoke without fire. For every action, there is a reason. The actions across Biafra lands is justifiable and the oil, if restored to Biafrans will be controlled by the USA. 
We are ready to allow you manage oil in Biafra land if you will ignore the nursed ideal of assisting Nigeria to fight Niger Delta youths and to help Biafrans to restore its country back. Our doors are ever ready for further agreement towards the business above. We know that your interest of assisting Nigeria government is to have high chances of managing crude in Biafra land, we will maintain same interest if you come. We look forward to your immediate response. Thanks. Yours sincerely 
IPOB Family

By Prince Richmond Amadi
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers

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  1. Whoever wrote this letter is an Idiot..! I don't know what else to call you.