The Russian president Vladimir Putin has recently declared Islamic Arab Muslim world as his "ALLY" he DEOS not play hide and seek game about his political enemies and friends, he is bold to tell the world what his next action will be. I have never heard throughout the history of Russia that Moscow is sponsoring an individual in terror-related activities. During the regime of Gorbachev who introduced Perestroika and Glasnost to free Russians from the satanic grips of communist did not his intentions and action.
Before I come into the government of President Obama, dwell a little into how the United States nurtured Osama bin Laden against U.S.S.R in Afghanistan, America used him as a conduit terrorist to force Russia to pull out reluctantly from Afghanistan. As that time little did they know that the monster they built against another opposing country will one day bring down the world tallest building right inside America.

The one time trusted the friend of U.S drove a double edged sword into the very heart of Pentagon, as was in those days, the FBI, CIA and the Generals in U.S army like Collins Powell did not believe what hit them. Incidentally, America was eating and winning with the home government of Osama Bin Laden Saudi Arabia, who diplomatically and tactically hid Bin Laden even when George W.Bush junior the then president of America order to the royal kingdom to hand over Bin Laden met a brick wall.

America spent through their nose, waged war against two nations, lost thousands of innocent Americans, lost properties worth trillion dollars before they could trace the monster they built ten years after, in Pakistan, Bin Laden did not run too much for America, he was in his home country Saudi Arabia, moved from there to Pakistan the United state intelligence was all aware that he was there, without killing him, they bought him a whopping ten years to live before Obama came claiming that he had killed him which is a white lie forced on Obama to tell the world.

After declaring Iran Axis of evil, even in the face of the Iranian threat to wipe out Israel with chemical and biological weapons, Obama showed his weakness by given Iran carrot instead of stick concerning it nuclear programs. Mention must be made about Noriega of Panama he was the right man of the united states, prime minister Noriega fell out with the U.S and met his Waterloo.
Jonas Savimbi of Mozambican was one of the 20ht century allies of America; they murdered him right in cold blood telling the world that he was betrayed, ambushed and killed by his bodyguard. Orkla homer bombings were the handiwork of political CIA, the same as world trade centre. The united state is a nation at war with itself; they have no traditional ally in the whole wide world except ISRAEL.
The Roman Catholic world most influential secret society JESUIT LOYOLA is plotting to destroy The very fabrics of united states freedom and liberty. Britain in another hand, is following America like a sniffer dog waiting at the corridor of Washington biting the U. S government at the same time blowing them a cold breeze, very deceptive that America should not trust for a day. No matter whatever Arab Muslim world will do, the united states will never be their trade ally.
Barack Hussein Obama took wrong steps in the wrong direction before and the Iran deal, he becomes a suspect among the Americans who never trusted or believe in his presidency. His African policy that has tilted towards empowering the Islamic terror sponsors like the Nigerian president Mohamadu Buhari finally changed the heart of average Americans, Africans themselves and the world as a whole.
Obama has once again started equipping another terrorist in Nigeria, supplying arms or promising to fight Biafran freedom fighters in the creek will for sure ignite AMAGIDON in Africa. The American people knows thus hence, are routeing for the quick emergence of Donald Trump, who have shown promises about returning America once again to her part of greatness.
The United States had in the past forced Britain to pull out of African nations, to allow them developed their potentials. Americans have an edge over Obama's draconian policies against the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB, Obama can order the British out of Biafraland and it shall be so, but what is stopping him in doing that is pride, how can he and the sniffer dog who call themselves wise men do the bidding of Islamic jihadist Mr Buhari, is Obama afraid of him or what? 
Washington needs to as a matter of urgency order Mohamadu Buhari to release Dr Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and the director of Radio Biafra worldwide. Buhari's government has already been floored by the none violence approach of agitating for the release of Dr Kanu by IPOB.
The United States under Obama must shown Buhari and his murderous Islamic Nigeria Army, DSS, POLICE, BOKO HARAM AND FULANI HERDSMEN whom he Is using to kill innocent women and children in Biafraland.

Do not give him any arms because he will abuse it usage. Order him to at least try hi PURPULARITY by organising a referendum. Order him to free all Biafrans, men, women and children under his zoo detention prisons.
The coast us getting clearer that like Israel, Biafra will remain a traditional ally of AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND AMERICAN PEOPLE. Every united states investment in Biafraland is safe to mark my word for it. The Republican party flag bearer Donald Trump knows this already, friends of U.S also knows this, BUHARI himself is aware.

by Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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