Nigerian map before its coming dismemberment
Nigeria and its national question are right now on the front-burner in both local and international discussions. How those currently in places of authority in the expired country decide to handle it will determine whether it would be resolved violently or peacefully. And for many perceptive individuals and groups like Intersociety, a coalition of civil society groups, this is a critical poser for Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian president, who many believe is currently greatly intoxicated with power. Such people believe the ball right now in his court.
For Intersociety: "Answers to a National Question have peaceful and violent outcomes, depending on the wisdom and foresight or otherwise of the managers of the political territory with such inevitable National Question.
Instances abound. The National Question of Czechoslovakia was well and peacefully answered leading to its Velvet Revolution of 29th of December 1989; which gave birth to Czech and Slovak Republics.
That of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics was answered under relatively peaceful atmosphere; leading to peaceful dissolution of the Union and emergence of 15 distinct States of Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Latvia and Tajikistan on 26th of December 1991.

Conversely, the National Question of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was answered violently (violent conflict) leading to violent breakup of the country between 1991 and 1992, leading to emergence of seven violent independent States of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia"
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