Buhari: meanness personified
This is the story of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President and his extreme hatred of Sambo Dasuki. It tells reveals why Buhari is deaf on the left ear; why accused his late wife, Safinatu of adultery; why he divorced her; and is now looking for ways to get at Ibrahim Babangida, former military president.

This story revolves mainly around Buhari's late first wife. Safinatu. When Ibrahim Babangida overthrew Buhari in a palace coup d’état in 1985, he also detained him. Safinatu, playing the role of a dutiful and caring wife, began a constant visit to the strong men in government, to plead with them to release her husband. Apart from Babangida, among those she also often visited was Sambo Dasuki.
In the process, she struck a bond of friendship with Dasuki through whom she passes her information and letters to her husband and received replies. Dasuki was always giving her assurances that nothing would happen to her husband. In the process she gained the sympathy of Babangida, who started giving her some financial assistance, from time to time. This was how she eventually got to know the date of Buhari’s release, because Babangida told her.
That was the first time she was allowed to see Buhari in detention, since the day he was detained. She told Buhari the date he would be released. On that day she came and Buhari was released. The first thing Buhari did was to ask her how she got to know the date fixed for his release. Gleefully and innocently, she told her story. That date marked the beginning of her end, because that was when Buhari started accusing her of having been sleeping with both men of power.
All her pleadings and explanations that she was being accused wrongly fell on Buhari’s deaf ear. Then sometime between 1988 and 1989, Buhari promptly divorced her. Having already been sleeping with the toddler, Aisha (his current wife) he instantly married her.
To those who knew Buhari, the likes of Sambo’s father, Ibrahim Dasuki (who, at the time was the Sultan of Sokoto) already knew that Buhari was a mean and unforgiving man; they knew Sambo Dasuki was no longer safe with Buhari. For such people, it was a matter of time before the equally petty and vindictive Buhari hit him “below the belt”.
Sambo Dasuki’s first sin in the eyes of Buhari happened on the day of that coup that ousted Buhari. On that, Dasuki was one of the four majors, including Abubakar Umar; Lawan Gwadabe; and Abdulmumini Aminu that arrested Buhari. Buhari was proving stubborn before his captors – refusing to obey orders. Buhari’s claim was that as a general he must not be ordered to sit on the floor. This led to Dasuki giving him a thunderous slap that left him unconscious for about 30 minutes. It was after he was revived that Buhari started obeying orders.
A lot of people may know that that slap was the reason for Buhari’s deafness on the left ear. If you talk to Buhari on his left ear, he will not hear you until he turns to the right. Observe that whenever journalist talk to him on his left ear, he will first go “ehh ehh ehh eh, please come again; then turning to his right ear to listen.
This alone is the reason Buhari swore never to forgive Sambo Dasuki. He may not be in a hurry today to get at Babangida, because he wants to make sure Sambo Dasuki first gets the full dose of his punishment. Notwithstanding, he is still waiting for pay-back time for Babangida, if not for anything for overthrowing and detaining him.
Secondly, Buhari remembers very well that while he was in prison, Sambo Dasuki had once remarked to him that his “food is very sweet”. Sambo Dasuki may have meant anything, but for Buhari, the meaning is simply: Sambo Dasuki was sleeping with his wife.
Then, after his divorce of Safinatu, Sambo Dasuki, in sympathy, but foolishly went into a relationship with Safinatu, but not marriage. Buhari was jealous of the Safinatu/Sambo relationship, which he believed was prove enough that indeed, they were in relationship while he was in prison and married to her.
Abhorring the new relationship with Sambo Dasuki’s, Buhari took the case to Ibrahim Dasuki, who was then the Sultan of Sokoto, for adjudication. Ibrahim Dasuki was also the father of Sambo Dasuki. Adjudicating the case according to Muslim law and tradition, he told Buhari to the hands-off on anything involving Safinatu as he has officially divorced her.
Buhari walked away from the palace angry, but not before promising Sambo Dasuki that he would die. However, Ibrahim Dasuki did not miss the opportunity to warn his son to steer clear of Safinatu because, according to him, “Buhari is a wicked and unforgiving person”. But Sambo Dasuki, turned deaf ear and continued with the relationship.
Buhari struck his first stroke against Sambo Dasuki when Sani Abacha took over power. He convinced Abacha to sack Ibrahim Dasuki as the Sultan of sokoto. Sani Abacha obliged him and went ahead to depose Ibrahim Dasuki from his seat. He replaced him with Muhammadu Maccido. Abacha gave no reason for his action, which he had no authority to do, only that he was a dictator.
For Safinatu, Buhari could only find pleasure in her death. He is known to be diabolic and talismanic, but nobody knew how he made it. Either through poisoning or through talismanic prayers (pronouncing sickness on Safinatu), she began wasting away until she finally died in 2006.

For Buhari, the time came for unleashing the full dose of punishment on Sambo Dasuki when he was rigged in as President by  Barack Obama of the United States of America (USA) and David Cameron of United Kingdom (UK). He has long gone for the jugular by arresting him and prosecuting him with trumped-up charges.
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