Reliable information reaching Biafra writers now is that the Hausa/Fulani residents in Aba have chartered luxurious buses to take them out of the city with army and police escort. This emergency exodus of the villains who have been terrorising Biafrans right in their domain is happening right now. They are fleeing Aba for fear of being attacked after killing our people.
From the picture above and according to our source,  they called in Hausa Fulani Navy men from Owerrinta to add to the military and police force already in Aba. The only armed assassins missing is the Airforce.
The killing of Biafrans yesterday 5th May 2016 in Aba, by blood thirsty Hausa-Fulani soldier sparked outrage from natives, who were infuriated over the incessant killing of their brothers and sisters for no just cause by the Muhammadu Buhari hired assassins in uniforms, who were sent to terrorise Biafrans even on their home soil.
An eyewitness said the crisis at Ariaria international market started after one Hausa/Fulani man soldier, stabbed to death a Biafran woman who tried to warn him against urinating near his store. Speaking further, the angry traders vamped on the Hausa/Fulani man and tried to avenge the death of their sister who was stabbed to death, before the Nigerian Army and Police started shooting sporadically.
It is good that they have realised that Biafrans are not push-overs like they thought, or people whose blood can be spilled at will without fear of reprisal attack from their kind. They should leave our land, because it will be too hot for them to handle.
We also urge Biafrans in the north to leave that location as it has not and will never be safe for them, especially in this perilous time we have found ourselves in. Biafra land remains your SAFE HAVEN.
Nnamdi Kanu has preached enough, as we can see his prophesies are beginning to manifest. It is said that ‘Only a tree will see that it is about to be chopped into pieces and still stand’. The earlier you start coming home, the safer and better for you all in the northern part of Nigeria.
Written By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers
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