Fulani herdsman totting a gun
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Intelligence reaching Biafra Choice Writers is that Fulani herdsmen have boasted that their next target was to invade Aguleri, in Anambra State, by this weekend. According to the report, some military men, numbering up to 1000, were seen entering the town last Sunday. Surprisingly to people who saw them, there were more than 95 per cent Northerners amongst them.
They have already taken over the Anambra east Local Government since four days now. Unsettled, the Governor of the state, Willie Obiano was alerted. he said he was aware that there were plans by Fulani cattle herders to attack the community, so he had to call for the soldiers to be sent.

Biafra Choice Writers investigation revealed that these Fulani herdsmen have camped in many communities in Biafraland already and are waiting for signals for a concentrated attack on Biafra communities. Already at Umuobiala area of Isuikwuato in Abia State, they are there, and the people are jittery that they might attack the town any moment from now. There are fears among security minded Biafrans that they have encircled many communities in Biafraland with a view to unleash coordinated attacks on the people.
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