If foundation determines the high, then Biafrans must braze up with the innovative trend by the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB throughout capital cities, towns, and villages in Biafraland. AND WHAT IS THIS INNOVATION?. it is the use of PAINTS to showcase, advertise, announce, preach and inform the world how clean and neat Biafraland will look like. Let us use our traditional colour of Green, Red, Yellow and Black to paint all houses, cars, tricycles, motorcycles, hotels, barbing salons, corridors, pave ways, gates, buses, trailers, tippers and trucks to project Biafran image to international communities. Let us show the world that we were are colourful in practice. For example, I was in a place called Norff kaneshi in Acra Ghana in 2005 there was a continental football match between Ghana and The zoo called Nigeria, everywhere I went things like goats and fowls were Ghanian color, I saw two young boys between the ages of 16 and 18 brought two fowls one was painted the zoo Nigeria color green white green, another fowl was not painted but trades and cotton of Ghanian color were used in decorating it and it looks gorgeous and attractive, many people who gathered to see which one will win put their money on the colourfully decorated fowl. The purpose of this color and competition display according to the young lads is that whichever one wins will determine the outcome of Nigeria Ghanian match which is billed to take place in the next five hours. The competition began with the fowl bearing the zoo Nigeria green white green showing a kind of desperation, leaped upon the other fowl with it peak causing blood to gush out. No sooner than that happened, the fowl which was decorated with trades and cotton of Ghana colour surprisingly jumped on top of the other fowl heat it with it sharp razor peak very close to it eyes, blood came out gushing like water, the Nigeria colour bearing fowl stumbled towards one side of the corner, shook it legs, spread its wings and died. That same day, Ghana beat Nigeria by two goals to nothing. Biafrans, can we rekindle the spirit of the winner mentioned above, since it was Nigeria that lost, spiritually and physically in Ghana, the zoo is condemned to lose to a colourful Biafra sovereign nation. LET THIS PAINTING CARNIVAL BEGIN ALL OVER BIAFRALAND NOW.
By Benjamin Kish
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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