It is not uncommon to hear the President say that the Fulani herdsmen are not Nigerians. This is not the first time he has deceived the world. He succeeded in telling Nigerians that Nigeria will not be part of the Islamic Coalition against Terrorism but turned around to include Nigeria in the Coalition. The President also announced on foreign soil that Nigerians are criminals, and he has recently claimed that the murderous herdsmen that have been killing innocent people are not Nigerians. The import of this statement is that the attackers and killers of these innocent people Of Agatu in Benue state, Uzo-uwani in Enugu State and Others are not Fulani herdsmen from Northern Nigeria. It is sickening watching the west believing such kind of cheap lies from a president of a supposedly sovereign country Nigeria. Is it that America And Britain do not have the common sense to reason out the truth or is it that they have deliberately subscribed to this form of conspiracy to continue their indirect colonialization of Nigeria. Something is wrong somewhere.

Let us look at the possibility of these herdsmen being foreign nationals, maybe Libyans, etc., what about the cattle they are raring, who are the owners? If they are foreign nationals, who hired them? Who gave them the AK47 that they are carrying? If they are foreign nationals why is it that the police and the army are not after them? Why is it that the indigenes of Awgu community in Enugu State who tried to drive them away from their territory were all arrested by the army and dumped at the Zone 9 police quarter Umuahia and detained for more than 30 days. If these herdsmen were foreigners why is it that the President had kept quiet over their menace until now when it is certain that people will fight back? If these terrorists are foreigners and the President knows this fact why has he refused to mention the country that is killing his people and deport her citizens back to their country!?

Now let me tell the US and the UK the truth if they care to know. The Fulani herdsmen attack is a well-articulated plan to further terminate the lives of Biafrans, it is another plot to continue with the genocide, it is a deliberate attempt to provoke the anger of the Easterners and making Biafraland a war zone thereby disrupting the restoration process. It is also a desperate attempt to see a reason branding IPOB a violent and terror group, and it is indeed a systematic approach to test-run the workability of the upcoming Jihad which would enforce Islam in the entire country. The fact that the President is totally aware and fully in support of this evil is a blatant truth. My reason for stating this is that every sane mind would wonder why these herdsmen would boldly move about with AK 47 riffles, where were they when President Jonathan was in power?, Why is it that both the police and the army cannot do anything? Why would the President not say anything in regards to the terror acts, Any sane mind would wonder why the Government is always quick to shoot, arrest and detain innocent Biafrans who are peacefully protesting unarmed.

Therefore,  Buhari is either deceiving the US and the UK, or there is a  big secret understanding among them. Whichever way it may be Biafrans cannot be terminated and cannot be Islamized. My candid advice is that the US and the UK should start mending their faces, They should begin to fix the already battered relationship with Biafra after all Biafra must be restored because Chukwuokikeabiama is with us.

Written By Chukwuka Fidelis
Edited & Published By Uchechi Collins
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