By Ndubuisi Anukwuem
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Buhari has commenced the jihad for which he adamantly contested 4 elections. At his fourth consecutive run for president, he threatened that “the dogs and the baboons (all oppositions) would be soaked in Blood” if he lost again... Alas! He was not only elected, albeit through underhanded means, intimidation, and widespread malpractices, as well as support of President Barak Obama and David Cameron; but the dogs and baboons are soaking and daily being soaked in blood. To ignore Buhari’s antics is to cooperate with your own destruction. Muhammadu Buhari is a conniving Islamic terrorist and mass murderer.

Since becoming president, the culture of impunity by security forces, especially police and DSS, and senseless massacres, as well as Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram attacks have all skyrocketed. Why? During his predecessor’s regime, Boko Haram leadership selected Buhari as a trusted negotiator. At various terror attacks, Boko Haram terrorists are reportedly heard extoling his name “Sai Buhari”—meaning only Buhari is worthy—before, during, and or after executing a terror attack.
Apparently, Boko Haram wanted Buhari to be President. But as soon as he became president one year ago, Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram disappeared. Lately, videos have emerged purporting to show a Sober Shekau appealing to his followers to drop their weapons and declaring that his fight was over.  Why? Has Boko Haram won the fight? No. But as Buhari increased, so must his forerunner Abubakar Shekau decrease.

Even as Buhari massacres and threatens to slaughter Christians and Biafrans who seek independence in full view of the world, both White House, 34 Downing Street, and EU (the supposedly Christian powers that be) shower him with arms, support, invitations, compliments, and unmerited honors. Even the arch Bishop of Canterbury suggested that this unrepentant mass murderer is not corrupt. I don’t know who’s kidding who, but step by Step; a Muslim is Mayor of London.
The International Criminal Court at The Hague has remained silent after more than 900 opposition and perceived enemies of Buhari’s ambition were brutally murdered by his typically primed Hausa-Fulani Terrorist supporters following 2011 presidential election. After more than 1000 Shiite Muslims were murdered in Zaria under Buhari’s command; after more than 300 members of IPOB, some of who were holding a prayer rally at a secondary school , were massacred following orders from the presidency, after more than 400 were massacred at Agatu and 300 at Enugu, after countless abductions, enforced disappearances, and massacres.

The curious question here is who at The Hague is protecting this mass murderer? Why is Muhammadu Buhari still junketing the world and empowered to live out his Islamic genocidal fantasies? What are the chances that The ICC, United Nations, United States, Britain, France, Germany, etc. who embrace this mass murderer are oblivious of his record? It’s not surprising especially since Buhari in his usual treachery and self-loathing has suggested that Nigeria is better off returning to colonial ways, to feign love for the Christian imperialists, so they can sheepishly embrace him, as he crushes all opposition on trumped up charges and pursue his parochial Islamic agenda, in pretext for fighting corruption and preserving the colonial contraption. Only a blind bat will fall for this Islamic terrorist’s antics.

Buhari, the unrepentant mass murderer, war criminal, and genocidist has learnt that paying lip service to colonialism, and brandishing “war against corruption and indiscipline,” even if he is the epitome of corruption, indiscipline, lawlessness, Islamism, treason, crimes against humanity, and violence; right off the bat, it would earn him a readymade fan club of the unthinking masses, sycophants, and shameless neocolonial puppeteers.  But in the masses delirium, they ignore that an unrepentant lawless genocidal septuagenarian, who has habitually attained his ambitions by subversion and violence—the most sinister form of corruption—cannot, and has no capacity at any time in the past, present, or future to fight corruption.

As for the neocolonial puppeteers, they want Biafra out of the way by all means. So Buhari is their lap dog. In a just society, Buhari would be executed or imprisoned for his treasons and multiple crimes against humanity.  
But in what concrete way would Islamic extremists attempt to enthrone total Sharia in British-Nigeria?
The history of Islam, coupled with Buhari’s antecedents pinpoints that it will be through genocide, treachery, and blood bath as are now witnessed, and even more so if the governed continue to remain timid and cowardly. 

The setup is that Buhari presides over Nigerian army, police, Fulani herdsmen, and Boko Haram’s reign of terror so that their mission is not foiled—more like a crooked cop who investigates a drug trafficking ring that he heads. Is it any wonder that Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is arbitrarily incarcerated as Buhari embarks on wholesale slaughter of Biafrans?
Within 20 days of Buhari’s inauguration, Buhari invaded Ikot Obiokot section of Biafraland, and aggressively followed it up by exporting Boko Haram prisoners to subpar Prisons at Ekwulobia, Anambra State exactly 24 days in office. When these failed due to relentless protests, he unleashed Fulani Boko-Haram terrorists many of whom double as herdsmen on Biafrans.

These herdsmen have killed more than 60,000 people since 2001. To come from Sokoto and massacre an entire village in Biafra by belligerent nomadic cattle herders is not a misunderstanding, it is not competition or clash, it is not scarcity, neither is it farmers versus cattle herders…rather it is jihad, it is an act of war, it is to conquer, intimidate, and instill fear; it is the height of barbarism because they believe they can inflict genocide, kiss the feet of British government, and go Scott free as was done in Biafra genocide.  Fulani are waging war to enthrone Sharia and expel, kill, or enslave all Christians, and none Fulani. They are also the most illiterate, wretched, barbaric, and backward region of British-Nigeria, but embraced by British government because they are naturally daft, treacherous, murderous, and make very good lap dogs.

Boko Haram and the Fulani terrorist cattle herders—the armies of Sokoto Caliphate—are fully funded, and fully equipped to go after Christians and by implication 100% of Biafrans as stipulated during the conference of Islamic countries themed Abuja Declaration in 1989. Buhari will continue to pretend to be going after Boko Haram, but all the while aiming to destroy Biafra, reform Boko Haram, and attempt to forcibly Islamize Nigeria.

During Mr. Jonathan’s presidency, Buhari continually opposed the war against Boko Haram Terrorists. While reacting to Goodluck Jonathan’s inroads against Boko Haram, fear and frustration that Boko Haram might be wiped out got the best of Buhari, and he slipped and barked that, “an attack against Boko Haram is an attack against the north” and consistently complained that “While the Niger-Delta [militants] were treated like kings, the Jama’ atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’ Awati Wal-Jihad which some people call Boko Haram are being killed and their houses destroyed unlike the special treatment given to the Niger Delta militants. This is injustice to Northern Nigeria.”

Muhammadu Buhari’s comparison of an Islamic terror group fighting for Islamic Sharia and Caliphate to a people legitimately fighting for survival and justice showcases his pathetic ignorance and depravity.

Earlier this year while addressing Nigerians in Ethiopia about the challenges ahead due to the crash of crude oil prices, his obsession and hatred bubbled to the surface... “The theft of the oil market by some Nigerians that happen to live [in the delta areas—meaning Biafrans who have been living in their ancestral homeland for more than 3000 years] who feel that the oil belongs to them, and not the country is an irritating thing for those of us who participated in the civil war for 30 months in which at least [3.5 million] Nigerians were killed,” he said. Buhari maintains that Biafrans who live at the oil Delta have no rights over their environment and resources.

You can glean the animus, disdain, and madness demonstrated by Buhari as Martin Dennis of Aljazeera asked him about the unprovoked massacring of pro Biafran activists holding a prayer rally at a secondary school. In responding, his usual melancholic countenance immediately turned obnoxious.

He was defiant, uncouth, and remorseless as he warned that interfering with the economy and Movement of troops will not be tolerated, and that after more than [3.5 million] lives were lost during the 1967-70 war, Biafrans born after the war are again tinkering with Nigeria’s security. Muhammadu Buhari is a mocker. The dialogue with Aljazeera and deliberate evocation of “troop’s movement” is a direct threat to the lives of Biafrans agitating for independence. He is out to crush Biafrans who wish to assert their United Nations rights of indigenous Peoples and self-determination. It is no surprise then that Hausa-Fulani terrorists are all over the south murdering Biafrans in conjunction with the government of Muhammadu Buhari in full view of United Nations.  See video here 

As president, Buhari uses the state coercive apparatuses to hunt down Delta area freedom fighters, his enemies, including entire villages and peoples, then, murder them in cold blood by Fulani terrorists doubling as Herdsmen, and by Hausa-Fulani Boko-Haram infested security forces in full view of the world. Buhari’s continuous incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu—the leader of IPOB is a calculated insult, disdain, and provocation of Biafrans. Buhari and his coconspirators are adamant on destroying Biafrans.
Also, lesser oppositions are not spared, as the leader of Shiite movement, Sheik Zakzaky who sustained six gunshot wounds during the extra judicial massacre of more than one thousand Shiite Muslims in Zaria by Nigerian army in December 2015 had been Nigerian custody without charges or bail until recently due to pressure from people all over the world.  Yet, suspicion that Zakzaky may have been murdered in Nigeria’s custody still lingers.

Between January and April 2016, Hausa-Fulani cattle herders have invaded several communities including villages of Agatu in Benue State; as well as Abbi and Nimbo in Enugu State consecutively, and murdered more than seven hundred Christians with Buhari’s tacit support, while hypocritically condemning the Paris and Brussels terror attacks. Buhari has remained indifferent as his fellow Fulani militia doubling as nomadic cattle herdsmen unleash carnage and hoist Fulani flags all over the country. There are reports that Buhari was contacted prior to these massacres, yet security forces were ordered to stand down.
When a group of about 76 Ibo Biafran villagers protested about Fulani herdsmen’s rampages and abduction of two sisters whom they sought to release from the claws of Fulani predators, they were immediately rounded up by Nigerian forces and hauled off to jail following orders from above.
Suffice it to say that Muhammadu Buhari orchestrated and backed these attacks. So wishing that the Jihadi chameleon will come to your rescue is death wish.

Buhari’s only known business throughout his career is cattle herding. Only Buhari therefore can explain why his fellow Fulani cattle herders are armed with AK47 riffles and scattered all over the southeast and southwest rampantly raping, abducting underage Christian girls for forcible marriage and conversion to Islam; murdering, stealing, and destroying farms, representing the fullness of evil as they wander about while simultaneously destroying, exterminating, and displacing Christians and churches in the north. Is this wandering an admission that the North is a landlocked desert with no vegetation for cattle grazing? Or have the cattle grazed out all the fields of the north?
Looking at the map of Nigeria, you can see that the north’s land mass is about five times the size of Southeast thanks to Britain; so what are Hausa-Fulani cattle wandering about in Biafraland for?  And by the way, who is arming these degenerate savages with sophisticated weapons? And why has Buhari insultingly refused to stop the senseless wandering in other peoples’ land by Hausa-Fulani trouble makers and murderers? Of course Buhari depends on nomadic terrorists of all shades for jihad. While pretending to be fighting Boko Haram, he is repackaging them as herdsmen, security forces, and, or vagabond cannons.

Many journalists try to explain the menace of Fulani terrorists doubling as Cattle herders in the context of scarcity, competition for resources, ethnic conflicts, or clashes between herdsmen and farmers. No! Not unless you accept the distortion that the armed intruder in your house has legitimate cause to rape your wife and children. Hausa-Fulani cattle herders are marauding criminals who encroach into other people’s farm lands, raping and murdering their victims, while using cattle as their passport with the tacit support of Buhari and Nigerian government who fraudulently baptize their criminality as legitimate conflicts. Since when do armed robbers have legitimate stakes among their victims?

 If there were justice in Nigeria, nomadic cattle herders would long have been outlawed and imprisoned. But how else would the Islamic Jihad ensue if there are no foot soldiers on ground? Presenting the matter as if the cattle herders have any rights to be encroaching into and destroying people’s farm crops, and murder them if they resist is grotesquely disingenuous and misguided to the point of criminality.
The best solution Buhari’s tribal administration has come up with to contain the criminals who invade and destroy other people’s lives, communities, and crops violently was first to go after cattle rustlers (cattle thieves), and then brag about military operations  to recover stolen livestock from cattle rustlers; followed by the effrontery to propose a National Grazing Reserve Commission Bill (NGRC); to work at the pleasure of the President, “to acquire, hold, lease, or dispose of any property, moveable or immovable for the purpose of carrying out its [grazing] functions.”

In other words, rewarding the criminals that are killing, raping, commandeering, and destroying the farm produce of Christians all over the south and middle belt; and to empower Northern Hausa-Fulani feudal oligarchs who control these malignant cattle herders to come into Biafraland and the rest of Nigerian communities and snatch any land it deems suitable for grazing.
And believe it or not, most Nigerians are still silent even as President Buhari insults their sensibilities, plots to snatch their lands; cares more for cattle than the lives and livelihoods of those that the cattle herders are daily destroying in middle belt, southeast and southwest. Yet no attempt has been made to stop these wandering terrorists.

Buhari is using cattle herders as a war strategy to entrench Jihad and genocide just as the devils on horseback, aka Janjaweed militia did in Darfur. Buhari is following the footsteps of Omar Al Bashir of Sudan who is accused of masterminding genocide of 400,000 local civilian tribes in Darfur using murder and rape by the omnipresent nomadic cattle and camel herders known as Janjaweed. 
In March 2009, Al-Bashir became the first sitting president to be indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for allegedly directing a campaign of mass killing, rape, and pillage against civilians in Darfur” ( That is what Buhari, his security forces, and Hausa Fulani cattle herders appear to be copying.

By pretending that Fulani cattle herders are not terrorists, Buhari overlooks their atrocities, rewards, and empowers them more; but makes nothing of the lives they have destroyed or torn asunder. No compensation has been contemplated for their victims.
Make no mistake, Fulani cattle herders are deliberately and strategically armed, sent about, and supported by the likes of Buhari and his fellow Hausa-Fulani cattle farmers to master all regions for jihad.
The rogue government of British-Nigeria knows fully well that nomadic cattle herding is archaic and baseless given various innovations in the fields of agriculture and livestock grazing the world over. Yet they deliberately allow these murderous criminals to wander about ultimately for genocide like Janjaweed.  

Also, once Hausa-Fulani Islamic fundamentalists perceive in their irrational thinking that you killed one of their own—even if they killed tens of yours first— what follows is revenge.  Accordingly, Buhari, among other parochial motivations is mindlessly on a revenge mission for the killing of Boko Haram terrorists by the previous administration. Thus, peaceful communities and freedom activists are falsely accused, likened to, and labelled terrorists, and then massacred mercilessly by Buhari’s agents.
Clearly then, Buhari has come to entrench Fulani reign of terror, death, plunder, and jihad. For him, the peoples and resources of Biafra are essentially the estate of Sokoto Caliphate given to her as gift for being treacherous agents of colonialism and black bondage.
Considering that ninety percent of all the oil blocks (or consignments) in Biafraland are violently and covetously misappropriated by the Hausa-Fulani British puppets who come from a land-locked arid region of northern Nigeria exposes the nature and thinking of the criminals, local and foreign, that want one Nigeria for the sake of oil plunder at the peril of Biafrans. 
There’s no question that Crude Oil was the reason that 3.5 million Biafrans were killed to annex Biafra to British-Nigeria between 1967 and 1970, and remains the main reason that wicked powers feign oblivion, let alone dare comment on the endless massacres and incessant crimes against Biafrans and humanity in Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari thus constitutes clear and present danger to the lives of Biafrans and all other oppositions in pretext for Keeping Nigeria one.
Most prominent Nigerians who claim to love Nigeria which exists purely by force ought to look at themselves in the mirror and ask: why do I love a contraption forcibly erected and daily undermining, plundering, and destroying the lives and destinies of Africans;  a country that rapes, massacres, and marginalizes certain demographics due to greed, jealousy, and implacable hatred; where Hausa-Fulani Muslims kidnap, abuse, and marry preteen girls, and kill babies with machetes and daggers; where Biafrans are hounded and massacred for wanting to assert their legitimate self-determination; where murderers, liars and criminals are celebrated; so corrupt that the rich tramples on the poor with satanic impunity.  

If you are honest, you’d realize that your wicked love is for your pocket, and oil in a land not your own.  Nobody has right to travel across the Atlantic and tell you who your countrymen are unless you are braindead or extraordinarily stupid. Moral men stand with the truth, but cowards hide behind lies and fantasies.

There is no reason that anybody would want to be with the accursed, backward, blood-thirsty, treacherous, Hausa-Fulani vagabonds. Yoruba wishes to eat her cake and have it too. You do not love the hopelessness and barbarism of Hausa-Fulani, you have on many occasions demonstrated your downright hatred of Biafrans, but you cannot let go of the oil in Biafraland. You are morbidly terrified that Biafra will excel far above you, so you connive with willing beggars, traitors, and thieves to hold her down, not minding that by that, you stay down.

Your jealousy, greed and covetousness have continued to fuel Hausa-Fulani barbarism, impunity, insults, and excesses. For the sake of crumbs, you repeatedly subject yourself to abuse by Hausa-Fulani. If anything, for your role, you and Hausa-Fulani ought to eat from the same plate, albeit treacherously, but have you not been repeatedly used and dumped by your coconspirators? Are Hausa-Fulani people still not the most backward in Nigeria? Understand that you plot against Biafra in vain.
By your duplicitousness, human lives, including yours, are daily destroyed. To know what is right and shirk it is the worst cowardice. All that Hausa-Fulani deserves is to be confronted and pushed out of your dear lands without fear or favor, and by all means. Quit lying to yourselves for there is no basis for One Nigeria. What type of One Nigeria do you plan to build with predators and wild donkeys from Fouta Djallon. One Nigeria is the reason that nomadic cattle herders will leave Sokoto Caliphate on foot, trek 700 miles (1100km) to your villages, rape your women, vandalize your farms, massacre your people, destroy your communities, then, go Scott free,  and get rewarded by the government.
You saturate the polity with lies. Your distortions, obfuscations, and media hack jobs shall surely destroy you by and by. And you have no capacity ever to stop Biafra. If you were sensible, you would take your exit before it’s too late.

Furthermore, Buhari’s antecedents have forever disqualified him. Yet he adamantly pursues power, hunts down his political enemies, and breaks all laws in pretext for fighting corruption. If Buhari were truly fighting corruption, heavy weight swindlers and extremely fraudulent financiers will not be found in his cabinet.  Clearly, Buhari’s dangerously limited education has blighted his ability to comprehend that you can’t fight corruption with corruption, and that democracy implies the rule of law.

Agatu, Abbi and Nimbo, Enugu; Ikot Obiokot, Delta, Plateau, Kwara, Ogun, Oyo, Zaria, Nasarawa, Zamfara, Adamawa, Lagos, and so on attacks all proves that the government of British-Nigeria is in the business of killing and by no means able to defend innocent citizens. Declare Muhammadu-Buhari and Hausa-Fulani lawless wanderers persona non grata in your God given territories. The deliberately callous silence of the world only emboldens Buhari’s genocidal tendencies.

And the presumption that by cowardly silence, you attain peace is tantamount to sealing your doom because, as you can see, Hausa-Fulani has infiltrated your communities on foot while you were still silent. If you truly want peace, then Hausa-Fulani must go. As the civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”
Although some have spoken and or written to condemn Buhari’s regime’s despicable NGRC bill and tyranny, but none, especially among the legislators and community leaders, has called for the impeachment of this lawless mass murderer and land rustler whom if left to his own devices would plunge Nigeria into an inferno. If you fear or respect this menacing Fulani traitor, you do so at your own peril.

Any power he has is that which you have ceded to him by virtue of democracy. At no time was he crowned king. But since he prefers tyranny instead of rule of law; impeach him. Refuse that this blood thirsty traitor should govern you further.  Insist that Buhari should resign with immediate effect or watch the Nigeria he came to recolonize irreparably burst asunder.
I am by no means advocating anarchy. But to the extent that the government of Muhammadu Buhari is out to destroy the lives of the demographics that he hates with terror; then, it is incumbent on those demographics to stand erect and defend themselves by all means.

Insist that Hausa Fulani nomads must leave the south with immediate effect. The more you fear Buhari and his degenerate minions, the more power you give them. Fight them every single time that they raise their ugly heads. Since Buhari prefers killing instead of protecting, it is incumbent on you, the potential victims, to stand erect, and defy this maniacal tyrant and his lawless vagabonds. 
Since Buhari wishes to destroy your businesses and empower Fulani businesses, and since Hausa-Fulani wickedly destroy your crops and businesses to grow theirs, you must respond: under no circumstance should you who are from south ever again patronize Hausa-Fulani or eat Hausa-Fulani produce, especially beef.

Since Hausa-Fulani whom you graciously allowed to graze in your fields now use such fields to plot your destruction and to takeover by brute force, expel them. Under no circumstance should any Fulani be allowed to graze in the South anymore. Any coward that cedes even one billionth of their land to these vagabonds must be held accountable for enabling Hausa-Fulani Jihad.
How about violence? Since Muhammadu Buhari withdraws security and as his Fulani Janjaweed gather to massacre you, then, what use is he to you? Reject and impeach him by all means; organize your towns and ensure that all northern beggars and vagabonds are driven out.
Since Hausa-Fulani cattle herders are coming to your land at peace time with Ak47 rifles and explosives to enslave you for Allah, defend your communities. If you won’t snatch their guns; you won’t resist them; you won’t organize yourselves, you won’t get your own weapons by all means; then, dig your grave and hope that Buhari agents don’t douse your body with acid as was done to Biafrans massacred for holding a prayer rally at a secondary school.

Hausa-Fulani murderers have come to take your land, rape your women, destroy your farms, and build mosques over your churches in the presence of adult men. Are you still praying in your bedroom? Ask god to wear jeans and come and defend your community. Or ask God for his providence, courage, and strength as you confront your enemy. Fear not, and the Almighty will see you through.
Be cowardly, do nothing, wait, beg your tormentors to come and save you, and surely meet your doom.  Only cowards remain cool in the face of existential threats. Refuse to sacrifice senselessly one more innocent soul to Hausa-Fulani terrorists.  There is no way that Hausa-Fulani herders and terrorists can subdue you in your own land. Don’t depend on those too far away.  And make no mistake, the British and her gang prefers to kick you out of the way, if possible, by Hausa-Fulani so they can keep the oil for themselves. Refuse. Not because you think oil like the reprobates, but because there’s more to life than crude oil. Organize and defend yourselves by all means because self-defense is inviolable.

And for the cowardly traitors and sycophants: how can you allow this lawless jihadi to buy you over to enable him destroy your own people? How can you say that you are Ibo, Ijaw, Efik, Igala, Ibibio, Biafran, or from old eastern Nigeria but support the remorseless renegades of Nazi APC party who committed a holocaust against your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, nephews, nieces, cousins, grandfathers, grandmothers, children, women, and unborn babies in the womb? All you political harlots, have you no sense at all? Have you no morals? Have you no shame?

Can you go to the north and murder them in their own land or destroy their crops, or rape their women with their support? All you compromisers and mindless peace makers and wicked dialoguers, Hausa-Fulani Islamic terrorists are intent on stuffing sharia down your throat. The only plausible response to a thief who wishes to rob you and enslave you is to boldly confront him by all means, and if needs be, die with him.  To the extent that Buhari was implicated in the massacre of Biafrans at Benue and Enugu, his reign has come to an end. Biafrans pushed Hausa-Fulani out in the past. She must now prove that it was not a joke.
The marauding armies of Sokoto Caliphate tried to conquer Biafraland on 15 different occasions 300 years ago. Were they not humiliated on 15 occasions before they quit?  We rejected Islam then, and we reject it now. This new power that Fulani pretends to wield now is the power it imagines that Britain gave to it. But what is power without legitimacy? Buhari lacks the legitimacy that goes with his office since he is complicit in killing Biafrans and many Nigerians. Therefore, resist and defy this junketing terrorist by all means.

More than 1000 Biafrans have already been killed since Buhari came to power one year ago. Seventy six Ibo youth incarcerated for trying to rescue their sisters from terrorist cattle herders, yet people are still silent? Nnamdi Kanu who spoke the truth in defense of his people is still arbitrarily incarcerated, yet Ibo, Ijaw, Ibibio, Efik, Urhobo, and the rest of Biafra family are eerily quiet. Has your coolness prevented Hausa-Fulani and Buhari from incessantly orchestrating massacres in your villages? This silence precisely is the reason, unless you wake up and reject, by all means, the tyranny and insults of Buhari and Hausa-Fulani, they will likewise come for you, and there will be no one left to speak for you.  
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