We are in for a tough time under this barbaric and jihadist government, Buhari I know you are illiterate, let me educate you on facts you should have pondered upon before executing your chibok scam.
*Rescued Chibok girl is Fatima Mbaballa, says Army. * She's Nkeki Amina Alli, says Community. * She's Aisha Alli, says school principal. * She was rescued at Baale community, near Damboa, says Army. * She was found at Kilekusa community, says Chibok Community.

* Army takes credit for her Rescue. * Chibok community says she was found by JTF * Two years in the forest, and she came out with a smooth skin, no hurt, not malnourished. NOTE: Aisha Buhari visited Chibok parents and donated N55milllion. Then, 24 hours after, one of the kidnapped girls with three names was rescued! 

QUESTIONS BEGGING FOR ANSWER * How did the girl escape from her captors? * How many days has the girl been wandering in the forest before she was rescued?
* what was the girl feeding on all those days considering that she is a nursing mother? * Why can't this girl speak English, being an SSCE student at the time she was kidnapped?
* Where did the terrorist husband emerge from or was he with the girl because the news broke with just the rescue of a chibok girl and baby? * Is a royal reception at Aso-Rock a punishment for a Terrorist for getting the chibok girl pregnant and Killing hundreds? You called freedom fighters terrorists, compared them to Bokoharam, called them five percent, and you expect them to be shining their teeth like zombie citizens yet you celebrate a terrorist, rapist, murderer, killer while you detain and persecute, incarcerate, maim and kill freedom fighters agitating for self-determination in Biafra land.
WORTHY OF NOTE The military had bombarded and cleared up all the camps, destroyed every food supplies, combed in and out Sambisa Forest in the past months, and Boko Haram has BEEN TECHNICALLY DEFEATED! How am I supposed to get answers here, if these LyingLiars refuses to supply me more lies?

By Ezekwereogu John 
Editor Udeagha Obasi
for Umuchiukwu writers
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