BIAFRA After series of failed promises made by Buhari and APC-led administration, Buhari hits another scorecard of lies and endowed hypocrisy. As promised earlier this month to make public the accumulated names and profiles of those who looted government funds and indicted in corruption mantra. As his usual government strategy, Buhari made this known while he was speaking at the event marks his hundred (100) days of constituting the hardship in office. 
Ahead of Nigeria’s democracy day on May 29, President Muhammadu Buhari promised to reveal names of persons who have voluntarily returned looted public funds and total amount recovered so far by his government. He made this known during an interview in London after attending a four-day international summit on anti-corruption hosted by the British government.
“So far, what has come out, what has been recovered, in whatever currency, from which ministry, department and individuals, I intend on the 29th to speak on this because all that Nigerians are getting to know are from the newspapers, radio and television. We want to make a comprehensive report by May 29,” Buhari said.
But during his nationwide broadcast on Sunday morning marking democracy day celebration, the president only repeated previous claims that his administration was grappling with bureaucratic hurdles that make it difficult for stolen assets to be recovered from foreign jurisdictions. Rather than personally speak on the matter and provide specific details as promised, Mr Buhari only said he had directed the Ministry of Information to publish periodically details on the assets recovered so far.
He was very concerned about kidnappers in the sleepy South East and promised to send in troops. He mentioned kidnappers 13 times but did not mention herdsmen once. 99% of his speech dwelt on the present and future management, or previous mismanagement of the oil. No word on how to start exporting groundnuts and cattle to earn money for the 36 states to be sharing. This is totally clueless and visionless government. So hypothetical to be trusted. With such reasons, Biafrans wants to leave to their native land. By Richmond C. Amadi
Published by Udeagha Obasi
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