Great Biafrans,Today we pause to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation (Biafra), Those that were brutally massacred since 1945 in the northern part of Nigeria because they were (Biafrans) ,the fallen warriors who never came home to their families and friends during that three years brutal war/Pogrom committed against the people of (Biafra). Liberty is a precious gift whose benefits we all are craving to have every day and night in this contraption called Nigeria, but too often out of ignorance and due to lack of history in the Nigeria curriculum, our people tend to give little thought to the price paid which our late beloved parents has paid and we continue paying that ultimate price in so many ways as we are the most endangered species of human on earth because we are (Biafrans) May 30th is Biafra Memorial Day; It is one day each year on which we the (Biafrans )reflect on the tremendous sacrifices made by our fallen Heroes and Heroines. We are a Homogenous people, the indigenous people of Biafra that existed for over (5,000) years and counting, A nation that was created on 30th of May 1967 and lasted for 3 years under a heavy bombardment attack by the Egyptian Air Force, Nigeria Military ,USSR and British military just to completely wipe us off the planet because we seek for our sovereignty under Nigeria. Salute to the one and peoples General late (Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu) the first Biafra Head of state, for his Love and sacrifice. Salute to all the Late (Gen Philip Effiong) the second in command of Biafra armed forces. Salute to our Great Living Hero, (Gen Joe Achuzie) the Hannibal of Biafra, and salute to all dead and living heroes and heroines who made us proud during and after the war. Salute to my living hero, Father and Uncle Capt Boniface Okeke Okolie, great Veterans I love and salute you all for this sacrifice you made for all (Biafrans). 
Our Airmen/Soldiers have been engaged in combat operations during this three years fierce war waged against the (Biafrans) by the world powers, Sadly, more than 5.2 Million young men, women and children have given their lives in the cause of our freedom. We mourn the loss of each member of our military family.we mourn each member of Biafran children soul that were killed through hunger and starvation by the world powers and Nigeria government. This day of remembrance is the third observed year to mark the terrible losses of the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War in the 1967/1970. More than 5.2 Million (Biafrans) fell on our soil, giving "the last full measure of devotion," in General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu memorable phrase.Biafra lives.
Only those who have seen the horrors of war firsthand can ever truly know what our (Biafran) soldiers went through, fighting the world powers without sophisticated Guns and bullets and in their final moments they never allowed the enemies to take easily over their land which they boasted to do within 3 weeks, How great they were that the war lasted for 3 years before they tactically introduced blockade of Air, Land and Sea. The Biafrans soldiers had no place to hide and no chance of retreat. Instead, the (Biafrans) Engineers were busy constructing our armament, redesigning a mini aircraft into a fighting Jet, building Bombs bullets and guns.Not trying desperately escape a fiery death but fighting fearlessly head to head with those with sophisticated ammunition. The resilience and high-spirited Men and women of great Honor that were able to design/invent a bomb knows as (OJUKWU BUCKET) or (OGWUNIGWE) which was the toughest and most dangerous ammunition invested by (Biafran) scientist during the war, this (Ogbunigwe) decimated the Nigerian military in so many locations especially in (Abagana) where over 120 Nigeria military tanks were attacked with this single (Ogbunigwe) bomb and all their tanks were brutally destroyed in a great inferno and the bomb ripped through their other vehicles too. One of the European journalists stated that (HEROES FIGHT LIKE BIAFRANS) because we are Great children of the highest God. Each of the (BIAFRAN) soldiers knew what their duty was, but surely each of them also dreamed of going home to the country they can call theirs at the end of the war, an opportunity they wished to go back to the people they loved and cherished. Each of them had families but due to the war the opportunity or time to go back home as there was no home for them, only the battlefield was their home. Thier Food was a fallen grenade fired by the Egyptian Pilots and bullets from the Nigeria military, while their drinking water was the uncontrollable tears as they watch their children dying right in their present due to malnutrition. Their wives were all taken way from them rapped by the uncircumcised enemy of Biafra (Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba) military, yet they never gave up, they continue fighting. We knew that they were not forced to leave their hopes and dreams behind when they went off to war as the only true hope left for them was to fight with their blood to defend their fatherland. Most of them committed suicide at the end of the war; they killed themselves because they prefer to die rather than to live alongside with those who has brutally decimated their family members, chattered their lands, raped their wives and massacred their children before them. These were the men of great honour and integrity that we remember every (30th of May) every year. They offered greatest sacrifices for this Generation to live. We shall honour and remember them.If you are a Biafran, you must remember them too every (30th of May). The then President of America, defensePresident Ronald Reagan once said, "Most of those who defence of our country were boys when they died, and they gave up two lives - the one they were living, and the one they would have lived. They gave up their chance to be husbands and fathers and grandfathers. They gave up everything for their country, for us. All we can do is remember." Great (Biafrans) We can only hope that the anguish of the families of these fallen heroes is tempered by the knowledge that their loved ones died for a noble cause - liberating millions of people from a brutal killing, hatred and protecting still more millions from further harm and intimidation. As (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) woken the spirit of this Generation to continue from where our fallen Heroes stopped, He has assured that these men and women have not died in vain. He vowed, "We will finish the work of the fallen Heroes and Heroin.", He said that Freedom is not free, he reminded and assured us that during the process of this Biafra Restoration Program, they will Arrest us; they will harass us; they will imprison us; they will kill us but at the end Biafra Nation will emerge and the entire Africa will be liberated. He said that we owe it to them, to complete the mission for which they gave their lives -- to bring freedom and peace to a troubled Nation whose Natural Resources has been seeded to the Enemies from far north while the owners suffer and dying on daily basis, the people that are always been killed by the Nigeria military because they acknowledged whom they were before the British brought us together. Biafrans, in this war of liberation against the haters and killers of (Biafrans) we must continue and never going back until (Biafra) is restored. Great (Biafrans) warriors of this Generation led by (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) we have come not as conquerors, but as liberators. Because our fallen heroes and heroines final act on this Earth was fighting the forces of evil to bring liberty to an oppressed nation of (Biafra). As you are busy walking around doing your daily businesses, inCreat a picture in your mind and see through the rows of gleaming white headstones, purse and look at the names and the dates inscribed on themIn your memories see names like, (Gen Odumegwu Ojuwku, Gen Philip Effiong, Col Onwuatuegwu, Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu) and much more, Behind each name, on your mind is a story of grief and loss that came to a family, a child, towns. Eventually, a day will come when no one is left behind who knew the story behind that headstone. But (Biafrans) will never forget what they did for this nation. Today we honour and remember those killed by the Boko Haram/Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen across Biafran land those who left us too soon during (Biafra) peaceful protest across (Biafran) land, whose lives were cut short in a distant while, not on any battlefield. And so, we remember them that died in so many riots in the north and during the (war). As you celebrate this Memorial Day with family and friends, I urge you to take a moment to reflect on those who sacrificed their lives. This "Moment of Remembrance" is something each of us can do to keep their memory alive in our hearts. If you have not identified yourself as a Biafra, this is the best time to do so because in Nigeria there is no hope for the Biafrans. Biafra is our only hope Surely we owe them nothing less than to remember them and work hard to achieve that which they all believed and died for, and to give thanks for all they have done on our behalf. In the name of a grateful, Lovely, peaceful nation (Biafra), I salute them and pledge that we will never forget them and promise them that Biafra freedom is a certain task which must be accomplished. #FREE_NNAMDI_KANU #FREE_BIAFRANS. Thank you. I am Sobered and mourning them from the depth of my heart. Mazi Okpalaeze Chukwubuikem (Prince Darlington). Biafran Activist/writer.
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