The forefathers of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB saw her coming decked in her true natural colours; then the world taught that it was a joke, today, the evidence abound proving that she is almost at the door.

President Barack Husein Obama whispers to David Cameron asking who is she? He continued saying, of truth, she is stunning but let my Islamic brother the Adolf Hitler of Nigeria try and see if he could stop her. The dullard has poured his venom on her, kidnapped her sons, killer those chanting her slogan, destroyed the homes of those who had lived all their lives expecting her to come. Massive weapons are being supplied to Buhari from those who already know that the end has come for the zoo Islamic country of Nigeria. Her coming was talked about in hush tones, but today in the street of Washington and Newyork her name is being celebrated as if she has already taken a seat, every corner in Europe, her aura filled homes, President Vladimir Putin has called on all Russian supporters to back up her children and get ready for her arrival. The MP's in the British Parliament have ignored No10 Downing Street for his outdated, hectic and unassuming tactic on every issue relating to her emergence. Intact they 're on each other's neck as the arguments get hit up at each session. The sons and daughters of Zion, their leaders and government, are all eagerly waiting for her arrival, tactically encouraging her children to be started fast and resolute in their efforts. Buhari is now shamefully begging her riverine children who are now up in arms to drop their weapons and come to a negotiating table, still hypocritically holding the leader of her children Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in a wrongful incarceration in his zoo enemy camp. Hausa/Fulani and the Yorubas knows that they are losers yet making frantic efforts to thwart her children's already established vision. We the indigenous people of the emerging spotless bride must double and redouble our efforts, be prepared for war and be ready for peace whatever it will take, be ready. Referring to the new anchorman of radio Biafra mazi Alphonsus Uche Me for he said quotes: TIMES ARE DIFFERENT. The Igbos, Igalas, Idomas, Igbankes, Urhobos, Akwa ibomtes, Itsekiris, Ogojas, Ibibios, Igwe ochas, Deltans, etc. all must leave the zoological Islamic Republic of Nigeria and return home.
It doesn't matter what your possessions are in Lagos, Kano, Abuja or elsewhere as long as you are a real child of the emerging bride you must relocate to the homeland.
I am a healthcare professional; I have toured the entire six states in Yoruba land in the past 11 Months, Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Ogun, Oyo and Lagos even Kwara is not left out. Their discussion in groups and families about Biafra are the same, destroy or cease their properties, make life miserable or them if they continue agitating for Biafran sovereign state. 
It is also written all over them; they wear grime faces as soon as you raise a discussion about the emergence of Biafra, if it is in a beer parlour you will see attendant customer challenge you if it is in a Church, you will also notice them staring at one another in disagreement.
Try to go to the open marketplaces; you will think that as soon as Biafra emerged live ceases to exist for them, so try, jinxed, perplexed and demeaned. The Islamic leader Mohamadu Buhari has CONFESSED SEVERELY THAT WITHOUT BIAFRA; THE ENTIRE NORTHERN ZOO CALLED NIGERIA IS DOOMED.
Obama will bow to the demand of the Americans who want this bride to emerge. David Cameron will also bow to the request of British citizens who are eagerly waiting to be the first country to announce the sovereignty of this bride.
Biafrans rich men and women must financially support the struggle, widows and the poor amongst us must give their widows mites, buy FM radios and dash it out to Biafrans in remote villages to listen to radio Biafra always. 
Buy Biafran souvenirs, give it out as gifts to foreign diplomats, ambassadors of other nations, share bags of rice, beans, Sault, plates and cups to your needy neighbours but make sure it has Biafran seal of rising sun on it.
Do not wait for Biafran musicians, compose individual songs and send it to radio Biafra. Do this as we expect the emergence of the world most awaited bride. THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA.

By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers

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