Wounded Biafran being x-rayed
Peaceful Biafrans shot by Nigerian Army

Reports from Biafra Choice Writers on ground in Biafraland shows that nothing less than 25 Biafrans are already dead shot by Nigerian Army at this year’s Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day celebration in Onitsha, Anambra State. as they shoot the people, the Army is making it a point of duty to pick up each dead body to deposit at the Army cantonment at the express way in the city.

The soldiers are being supported by the Police who shoot teargas canisters while Northern civilians are seen with the Army shooting at innocent Biafrans who had done nothing than sing Biafra solidarity songs.

Evening Report
We reported the bloodbath in Nkpor, Anambra State, we want also to report that Asaba, the Delta State capital was another centre where Nigerian security forces also killed Biafrans.
At Asaba, a great number of Biafrans from other family groups, such as Igbo-speaking Biafrans, Ijaw-speaking Biafrans, Urhobo speakers, Ishekiri, Isoko and others, were all moving forward together to join those at Nkpor. Nkpor is the centre of this year’s celebration.
To add colour to the day’s celebration, the people of Ijaw, Itshekiri, Urhobo, and others came with traditional drums, special singing and dances. Indeed, they played, sang, and danced to the delight of all. But that was before Nigerian Army, Police and other security forces under the umbrella of State Joint Task Force barricaded the Onitsha bridgehead.
As the people fearlessly approached, as they were determined to cross the bridge, to join others on the other side, Nigerian forces opened fire on them. Five unarmed and defenseless Biafrans were shot dead.
While two of the bodies were retrieved from the Nigerian forces who wanted to take the bodies away; the soldiers succeeded in taking the other three bodies away.
Unfortunately, 10 were kidnapped by the Joint Task Force, and taken to
At Trafalgar London
unknown destination, and one person was thrown into River Niger. The crowed were not cowed, rather they marched forward, and the security agents took to their heels.

Reports reaching us from the Diaspora showed that it was also colorful and successful in such countries as United States of America (USA); United Kingdom (UK); France; Spain; Trinidad and Tobago; and several others.
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