The Chronicles: 287 SSS3 girls in a govt school were collectively kidnapped on 14/04/14, while they were preparing for WAEC physics practicals exam. A mixed school ! The 23 Daughters of 22 teachers and the principal were NOT kidnapped. The Borno Governor waited for 19 days, for GEJ to call him and confirm the SCAM he was part of. CNN was well lubricated to conjoin in the spread of this chronicle. Aunty Oby and Channels TV anchored the local arm of the conspiracy. The gullibles fell & I stood vigilant . The Revelation: A state of emergency was declared in Borno State before this scam was orchestrated. This means at every 500meters on every trunk A & B road in Borno, there is a Military check point! Now, the 3 trucks used to convey these "calm & orderly fearless" girls can only do 56km/h max. This infers that it can take a minimum of 6 hours between Chibok and "the colonial games reserve annex", that leads into Sambisa forest hand the kidnappers scaled through. 

THE CONSPIRACY: The Northern elite, USA & UK endorsed this conspiracy and APC assured that in 2 months, the Chibok girls will be rescued(if voted into power) and Boko haram defeated by December 2015. #Tales By Moonlight. THE FORBIDDEN CIRCUS PLAY: The 2015 election became a forbidden circus play were a Man of wisdom sacrificed all and gallantly left the ARENA, as he saw the blood of more gullibles & innocents rearing to feed the blood thirsty witches & vampires, who were violently gearing for "change"because the Northern followers were bewitched to chant that GEJ was boko haram Some from the west joined the bandwagon of "Change" STUDY PROVERBS 24:15 - 34.
THE CHANGE THAT FINALLY CAME: They relocated the DHQ to Borno till date. They are still campaigning till date. They barred Aunty Oby & her #BBOG crew from protesting near Aso rock. 
They broke 6 world records: 
A. 0.0MW Voltage Generation for 3 hours. 
B. Longest fuel scarcity in any democratic history. 
C. Highest inflation rate in the world. 
D. Highest & Fastest Naira free fall ever! 
E. Killed Shekarau twice and he still lives! 
F. They defeated b'haram technically as bombs still fly & Cattle Herdsman paint the town red in disguise.  

(Horror)THE GOSPEL TRUTH: Chibok community lost to "change" yeah. They did! Nigerians also lost, have been losing for over 55 years of epilepsy and will continue to lose until we all realize that there is a much deadlier and bigger scam than Chibok Girls. That scam is called. "ONE NIGERIA" Illiterate dictator bigot Buhari's case will be worst than that of Sudanese Al Bashir. Let him keep killing defenseless people who are exercising their fundamental human rights, for self determination which is under d UN laws.
Illiterate dictator Buhari is canvassing for the actualization of the Palestinian state and Western Saharawi ,but kills Biafrans in this entity called Nigeria. So it's finally happening. West against bubu. Icc on investigation . Now cleargys calling for right to self determination. It means that Moses of Biafra is with God and all the signs for Pharaoh punishment are pouring in until God breaks him. the situation is likeable to where a man hates his wife and still can't divorce her, reason? nothing. they said we are tricking the others into seceding with us ( say prove it). they said we can't survive without oil (has nigeria fared any better after oil was discovered?). 

They said no natural resource can be found in the entire Biafra land (we can sell red mud for your thatch houses up north). they say we like to usurp (still begging for proof) they said we will die of starvation if we secede(how they have our interest at heart!) they said we can't rule ourselves because we are too tribalistic (I say give us the chance to) if we are this bad, then why are you still clinging to us like glue to a paper? let us go. 

We have been killed , murdered, massacred , slaughtered, unlawfully detained by the Nigeria DSS led BUHARI but this even made of more formidable and resolute in this struggle of agitating for self determination it's not a request, it's a command and Biafra restoration is assured. All hail Biafra. 

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