Biafrans demanding their freedom at EU headquarters, Brussels
By Chimaobi Okafor
For Biafra Choice Writers

“Biafrans, this is the time to be free. We must all come out to support this current effort, and must not waver under threats and intimidation from Nigeria.”

There is nowhere in the history of the world, where an oppressor have woken-up one morning and decided that he had oppressed a people enough; then asked them to get up, take their freedom and go. It has never happened; the oppressed have always fought – one way or the other – to regain their freedom.
The situation in apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia is a ready example. These were places where the people, African peoples, where stripped-off the ownership of their lands, and then made tenants on their own land. There is a similarity in that with the petroleum and land-use decrees in Nigeria? It was a program of total colonization of Biafra's resources by the caliphate. But it did not happen overnight. It took years of planning and execution. Who knows what will happen in future if Biafrans refuse to fight for the Restoration of Biafra Republic now.
If the people of Anang, Idoma, Igala, Igbo, Ibibio, Itekiri, Isoko, Efik, and Ijaw, and the rest of the people living beyond the Rivers of Benue and Niger fail to realize the danger ahead at the hands of the Fulani's, it will be a pity. These peoples should understand by now that they are facing more primitive, uncompromising and virulent form of colonialism than they had faced in the past, which in fact is slavery at the worst level. The caliphates and the Yoruba feudal oligarchs have fed our so-called chiefs and politicians with the poisoned pill of one-Nigeria. They have long swallowed it and became a generation of idiots.
Apart from the political consequences of loss of freedom, liberty and personal identity, there has also been devastating economic consequences of this blunder. The Fulani's and Yoruba's are those living by seizing and auctioning peoples’ goods with flimsy excuses and punitive trade policies hence they are in control of the Presidency. They have so far done these through customs and Port’s Authority. Expressly speaking, that is the purpose of one-Nigeria.
We, the Biafrans, make the money for customs at their seaports, international airports, and the border, through our international trades, yet there is no international airport in Biafraland, no seaport, and no border entry point is allowed. In other words, we take the risks, but they take the profits. They call Biafrans illiterate traders and portray us as evil, yet they do not want us to be independent of them; they refuse us freedom. They are rather interested in destroying us and taking over our land, which is their last hope of survival because they are lazy people.

Biafrans, this is the time to be free. We must all come out to support this current effort, and must not waver under threats and intimidation from Nigeria. Freedom is taken, not given!
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