The zoo-Nigeria department for state security DSS, has shown how corrupt, evil, atrocious and unrepentant they are.They have become the department of secret terrorists since they have become willing tools of propaganda and lies against innocent citizens. They have become a terrorist group used secretly to execute innocent Biafrans. They have become a secret murdering group used by the peadophile, child rapist, dullard, Africa Adolph Hitler of the 21St century to torment his opposition both politically and otherwise. This terrorist group has adopted false propagandists as their motto, and culture because they are being controlled by Lucifer BuharI the chief administrator of lies, murder and genocide.
The zoo-Nigeria DSS has once again vindicated the leader of the IPOB, radio Biafra /tv right by proving to the world their ability of propaganda. Even as they incarcerate the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra mazi Nnamdi Kanu whom they kidnapped since 14th of October 2015, labelling him a treason felon without any evidence, they have gone further to label the indigenous people of Biafra a terrorist group with their propaganda of lies against us. This terrorist group with the help of the zoo-Nigeria gutter media has informed the public that the indigenous people of Biafra killed and secretly buried five or more Hausa Fulani at Aba following the shallow graves which they discovered all the way from Abuja. It is laughable that the DSS at Aba knew nothing about their claims following the news broadcasted today being 10th of April by the BCA Umuahia in Abia State where the head of DSs of Abia state denied such false propaganda by the Abuja DSS on 9th April 2016.
They have made these claims even without evidence or proof to convince the people. The worst of It all is that these Hausa Fulani devils who call themselves herds men has butchered, killed, rape, kidnap innocent citizens in the same country, but zoo-DSS never complained, neither the Yoruba gutter media reported such evil atrocities rather the zoo-army will pull force on those who wants to defend and protect their land, wives and children from the hands of those Hausa Fulani vampires. The case of Agatu community, Enugu and host of others is a case study. The zoo-Nigeria DSS has never prosecuted anyone for such atrocities rather they go after innocent Biafrans seeking for their heads and lives only because they clamour for freedom.

The zoo-Nigeria DSS has become blind to see the atrocities, havoc and fear these evil Fulani whom they seems to be protecting has caused in many places in contraption called Nigeria. They have shown that the Fulani are more important than any other tribe in the contraption called Nigeria, they have explained It all that the lives of Fulani is more guaranteed therefore they are allowed to carry any weapon of their choice to defend themselves.
Anyway whichever way they turn, Biafrans are ready to defend themselves also. We are ready to fight the media war against us. Our crime is to be free, but at last, victory is ours and guaranteed. All Hail Biafra.

Emmanuel Precious
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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