Over 1000 Christians from the Middle Belt and Southern part of the country have been killed by Fulani herdsmen for the past 30 days, yet no single word of condemnation from the government just barely 24 hours that five fulani were reported missing, DSS under Buhari has hurriedly issued a statement linking IPOB to it without any concrete evidence or investigation. This is nothing but un professionalism on their works. The zoo gutter media has always become their strength and partners in crime therefore publishing every junk and lies produced by the DSS.

As a journalist, you have to go thorough investigation before publishing so as to be accurate and correctly detective. But here in the zoo, hence Biafra is mentioned they bother not to investigate because we have become their enemies even without any crime only because we have all It takes to teach them their works. The Hausa Fulani and many other tribes in the zoo-NIGERIA has access and permission to arms except Biafrans and all those tribes are against us because they believe we don't have the right to live.
When you go through the news headlines, the Muslims in the northern part of the zoo-Nigeria are armed and have all started destroying churches and properties own by Biafrans. Still, none of the DSS, nor the Yoruba gutter media has rejected It nor called them terrorist or murderers. The The zoo-Nigeria has embarked on media war against Biafrans, so they are looking at every nook and corny to label the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB terrorists.
My advice to them is to look for another means because Biafra has all It takes to break them down. If we did not retaliate in the means of provocations like killing us during protest, killing us while we were praying, kidnapping our members, then I don't see any reason they should come up with such lies and expect people that are reasonable to believe them.
They have killed a number of Biafrans, all we do is to defend ourselves right from the genesis of genocide against us. The issue of linking us to what happened in far north is so crude and suspicious. The world should take note that Biafrans are not terrorists which i believed they already know.
Emmanuel Precious 
Edited Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers
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