The world expressed their anger on how the DSS has become a tool used by the President Muhammadu Buhari to maim, torture,  incarcerate and invade the prison of those he perceives as his enemy or opposition. This was as a result of the recent false report by the DSS accusing peaceful and non-violent Indigenous People of Biafra, who are peacefully seeking their freedom as enacted in United Nation Charter of 2007.
The Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu has been law abiding, protesting peacefully across the globe demanding the release of their unlawfully detained leader Nnamdi Kanu as well as seeking for total freedom from the Nigerian Government.

It's so disgraceful and appalling why the DSS and president Buhari remain mute on the killing and massacring of thousand of  unarmed and peaceful Biafra protesters and over five hundred Agatu residents by Fulani herdsmen instead the DSS cover and pampered this Fulani herdsmen who are currently rated as the fourth deadliest terrorist group by  world index and currently raking havoc across Biafra land and some part of Oduduwa land (the Yoruba's)

The shamefully privatized DSS under President Buhari is now the official mouthpiece of Fulani herdsmen, and any security agents acting against the law of the land is a terrorist group. The DSS is one of them not IPOB. It is very unfortunate that the DSS has left their constitutional duty and has become a tool for abduction and invasion. DSS under the President's kinsman Lawal Duara has abandoned its core mandate of providing intelligence for the protection of the internal security of NIGERIA as provided in security agencies Act Cap.N74LFN 2014. Instead, the DSS is now running after perceived opponents of the president arresting and persecuting them.

Human Right has been violated and freedom of expression unsafe in Nigeria under the DSS. It is very disgraceful in the eyes of world because when an internal security of the citizens are not guaranteed, you became a laughing stock to foreigners and now it is done unto the world that for some certain purpose and to accomplish a certain mission President Buhari appointed his kinsman Lawal Duara to head the office of the DSS .
And when one considers all these events, one is at a loss for words. Is this the Government who swore an oath of allegiance to abide and uphold the rules and regulations as stipulated in the constitution of the federation? From all indication, the DSS under the present Government are sadists , run by sadists and for sadists. They don't have value for human life, they relish in their impunity and their lack of respect for the rule of law. They are of the government of liars run by liars and for liars.

Therefore, the international community should take special notice of the use of the DSS to muscle and carry out a false report against Biafrans, and it's leader Nnamdi Kanu. However the indigenous people of Biafra can not be intimidated we are not afraid of the harassment by the DSS or any other security agents of Nigeria in as much we are demanding for our right and within the ambit of international and local Law.

Written by Lucky

For Umuchukwu writers
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