My recent post on Rev. Mbaka is definitely one of the most controversial posts I have made recently.

I encountered very extreme and irrational views on this.
Some people apparently cannot tell the difference between a Man of God and God Himself. 
That is a problem, a real big problem. It is blind fanaticism and a cause for tension and violence. 
I will never accept that. I will not appease such a fanatic.
But above all, who is a man of God? What does it take to be a man of God in the eyes of men? 
It may take just a grand deception and fraud. I do not believe that a person is a man of God just because he said so. 
A lot of these beliefs that I am a man of God emanates from a mental health condition such as delusion and bipolar. 
Psychiatric doctors and psychologists will agree with me, that it is mostly an element of mental health crisis that would induce a man like Mbaka to begin to claim that God told him things. 
That is bullshit and I don't really care about the level of fanaticism in you that would prompt you to attack me for holding a view.
Those who know me well understand that when you attack me like this, I will come back with a more devastating rebuff. 
Jonathan's supporters will tell you that it was actually their vicious effort to silence me that forced me to go all the way to oppose Jonathan.
I want to make it clear to all: I am from Enugu State. Mbaka is from Enugu State. 
I will never be alive and allow any person to use God to manipulate politics in Enugu State. 
I cannot be alive and accept a situation where Mbaka would frustrate the popular will of the people in elections by suggesting to them that the will of God might be different from theirs. 
Do you not understand what it would mean if close to elections, Mbaka claims that he saw a vision that it is Mr. A, rather than Mr. B, that God wants to win? 
That will force many people to start voting for Mr. A so that they would not be doing something against God's will. 
That is criminal and that makes Mbaka a very highly dangerous man in the society.
So, those who are in a rush to attack me for my views on Mbaka should prepare for war because I am not being sentimental here. 
I am determined not to have in my state a man who would use God to deceive people on elections. 
If Mbaka stays out of politics and stays with matter of faith and God, I will never attack him. 
If he continues to dabble into politics, I will seek to destroy him, as I would destroy any other such fraud
My earlier article on Mbaka

I supported President Buhari just like Father Mbaka supported him. 
The difference was that I was honest about my mistaken assumptions about Buhari. I stated how I felt about things. 
I never said that my ideas came from any other source but myself.
Father Mbaka also supported President Buhari. 
The difference is that Father Mbaka lied that he got his views from God. It was such a terrible lie against God that is now worrying Father Mbaka.
I came out early to admit that I had made a mistake. It was easy for me to admit my mistake because I never claimed that God told me so. 
But Mbaka is in trouble now. He cannot admit his mistake because he lied against God. 
He called the name of God in vain, and that troubles his soul greatly.
Sometimes, when I go to bed and feel bad about misunderstanding the type of leader Buhari was to be, I remember Mbaka and I feel a little better. 
I was honest. But the man of God lied in the name of God. 
So, if I find it hard to sleep, I assume that Father Mbaka must be terrified of darkness because he will be afraid that God is finally going to get at him for calling His name in vain.
Indeed, I learned that the members of Mbaka's church have been after him for that lie he told in the name of God.
And that Father Mbaka has fled to his village, where he now hides from the wrath of the people.
This is not a joke. It is a real comparison between Father Mbaka and Emeka Ugwuonye. 
Those who use God to lie are not going to make it to Heaven.
Emeka Ugwuonye

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