After reading and seeing the gory images of the latest killings, beheadings and massacres meted upon the innocent people of Nimbo and Uzo Uwani communities in Enugu yesterday, I could not keep mum any longer and not ask President Muhammadu Buhari – who swore an oath to defend the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria and defend the Sovereignty of Nigeria this question: Are Fulani herdsmen above the law of the land?  Are Fulani herdsmen untouchable in Nigeria?

 Since Buhari came into power last May, the Fulani herdsmen have been kidnapping, raping young girls, married women, mothers, and massacring innocent and helpless Nigerian citizens in various communities in Benue, Enugu, kogi, Taraba, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Plateau, etc., with impunity.  So far, I have not read of any arrest or confrontation by the Nigerian soldiers or military.  As a matter of fact, after massacring about 500 helpless citizens, raping and destroying nearly sixteen villages in Agatu in Benue State a month ago, the leader of the Fulani herdsmen told the military personnel who came to the scene that their cows were stolen and that was why they massacred them and destroyed villages.  The military personnel allowed them to go even with their weapons including A-K 47 and various assault weapons.

In Anioma of Delta State, the Fulani kidnapped and killed a Royal Father earlier in the year and until now, no arrest has been made.  In Awgu community in Enugu State, the Fulani herdsmen raped, abducted and massacred dozens of people.  When the youths of the village protested about the senseless killings – the Nigeria military arrested seventy-six of them for protesting and locked them up in jail.  It took each of them 200,000 Naira each to bail themselves out while the murderers are free and still walking around today meting mayhem upon various communities.

I have not read in any Nigerian newspaper where Fulani herdsmen were arrested or killed by the Nigerian military?  I ask again:  Are they above the law and untouchable in Nigeria because President Buhari - a Fulani man, who used to be their chairman and Boko haram spokesperson is in power?

I cannot believe that this sort of barbarism is happening in Nigeria in the 21st century when nations are seeking ways to tap into the limitless opportunities for development and progress.  Instead, the illiterate and murderous cattle rearers are massacring the future engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters – the future leaders of Nigeria.  This is pure insanity. 

However, what baffles me most is that President Buhari and his military officers have not said a word about this whole mayhem and barbarism?  Is this the change that Buhari/APC government promised Nigerians?

Is Nigeria still a democratic country or is she under full-blown dictatorship.  I cannot believe that in the 21st century, Nigeria – the so-called giant of Africa will be subjected to this kind of tyranny and abuse.  Where are the wise and courageous citizens of Nigeria? How can we permit this foolishness to continue?  When will we stand up now and condemn this brazen acts of barbarism and incivility in the land?  I miss Mrs. Dora Akunyili – who rebelled against lawlessness and impunity after the death of Yar’Adua.  It is time that our mothers, women, youths, and even children to rise-up and rebel against this barbarism, lawlessness, tyranny, and despotism – if not Nigeria risks doom and disintegration.

Instead of the Nigerian military forces – Army, Police and DSS to clamp down on jihadist Boko harm and murderous Fulani herdsmen – who are carrying out mayhem and heinous crime against humanity in Nigeria and in effect hindering development and progress and foreign investment into Nigeria – they are busy chasing, arresting and killing unarmed pro-Biafra protesters and sympathizers.  What the hell is going on Nigeria?  What sort of country has Nigeria become just barely one-year Buhari took office?

I read from several newspapers that the Enugu State government reported about this planned attack to Abuja but did not get help.  Even as the mayhem was going on, the State Governor called Aso Rock but no one answered or even returned his call.  This is even the more reason to push for State police.  I also read that the Governor wept on reaching the site of the mayhem and called for prayers.  No, no – this is not the time for prayers.  Heaven help those who help themselves.  The Enugu State Governor should stop weeping and simply organize the jobless youths in his State as vigilantes to protect the sovereignty of his State – because Aso Rock, and today’s DSS, Army, Police – which is fully controlled by Buhari will not defend you. It is a fact that since Buhari was elected president in May 2015, the Fulani herdsmen mayhem and their barbarism has escalated and no single one of those bastards has been arrested or punished for their heinous crime against humanity – yet they openly carry their A-K 47 and other assault weapons around local communities with impunity? I ask again: Are Fulani herdsmen above the law in Nigeria?  What the hell is going on in Nigeria?  Does Nigeria still have men and women with common sense, civility, and compassion – or have we become a lawless, hopeless, uncivilized, debased, and degenerate society.

I still recall the powerful words of one of Nigeria's erudite scholar and top diplomat, Dr. Joseph Garba, when he wrote his masterpiece book: "Fractured History,” that “we have degenerated into a nation of lawlessness and hopelessness; making an “unprecedented turnaround; going from a nation of hope, strength, abundance, economic prosperity and high aspirations to a nation which has become the embodiment of a degenerate society"

Sadly, that is what Nigeria and Nigerians have become today – after fifty-five years of independence and 100 years of amalgamation, which is off-course expired in 2014.

Buhari declared war on Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the new militant group called - Niger Delta Avengers – which are freedom fighters but will not declare war on Fulani herdsmen – who are simply murderous animals and jihadist sect.  Today, Fulani herdsmen are the fourth terrorist organization on the planet with their co-jihadist – Boko haram as number one – yet the President/APC government do not think they need to do all they can to curtail the menace and heinous crimes being perpetrated by those two murderous sects.  All I hear are useless, foolish, and unwise statements from the presidency and APC party leadership – including the VP, who supposedly says he’s a pastor. What kind of pastor and man of God is he?  And which God does he serve?  Is he the same God that speaks of justice and righteousness or the one that rewards those who kill infidels?   Frankly, I cannot believe that this brutality, abuse and senseless killings are happening in Nigeria today.  Even the reign of a brutal dictator General Abacha was not this bad. 

As Father of the nation, Buhari is missing big opportunity to show his wisdom as a leader.  As president, he has not condemned the heinous crimes of rapes, killings and massacres being perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen across SW, Middle Belt, SE, etc.  Unbelievable!   I think that the satanic conspiracy to Islamize Nigeria is here.  Nigeria is degenerating into anarchy and major conflict.  SE/SS is under siege by the Hausa-Fulani tyrants – DSS, Army, Police, Boko haram and Fulani herdsmen – armed with AK-47, sharp knives, bows & arrows among other assault weapons – openly raping young girls, married women, killing and massacring local farmers who stood in their way.

One cannot travel more than five miles in the death-trap roads of SE and SS without passing one or more military road blocks.  Nigeria is in a full blown dictatorship – evil one for that matter.  Nigeria is degenerating into state of anarchy and chaos – and if various leaders do not stand-up to stop this – it will escalate into major conflict.  The House and Senate members must call the President to order or ask him to resign or call for his impeachment – if he does not have the ability and capacity to run the country or stop continued massacre of innocent citizens by DSS, Army, Police, Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen and others punitive against SE and SS regions of Nigeria.

The Grazing Reserve Bill – an Islamic agenda bill – that has passed first reading in House – is one of such satanic bills and if passed into law - will make or mar Nigeria. All over the world, cow and cattle rearers build ranches and farmlands to raise their animal.  In Nigeria, Fulani herdsmen parade their cows and cattle into local villages across Nigeria local communities and farmlands to feed them grass and drink from local streams.  In the process, they damage farms and pollute rivers.  When one opposes them, they go back to organize and come back to massacre local villagers.  This mayhem and barbarism by the Fulani herdsmen has escalated since their former chairman came into power last May.    When will Nigeria start to make and enact laws like educated and civilized people? 

I ask again, are Fulani herdsmen above the law of the land?  Why is President Buhari not addressing the wanton killings and massacre of innocent Nigerians?  His media adviser – Femi Adesina said last month that the president does not even have to visit the Agatu community where nearly 500 helpless villagers were senselessly massacred.  But the President can shuttle the globe – traveling to twenty-six nations within one year in office.  The responses from the presidency clearly shows and demonstrate the wretchedness and foolishness of what Nigeria and many Nigerian leaders and their advisers have become today.  A wise person once wrote: “Bad leadership is worse than no leadership at all.” This is exactly the change that Buhari and his APC corrupt politicians promised and are giving to Nigerians.

But even more heart-breaking is why has the Nigerian media chosen to ally with despotism and anarchy rather than defend democracy and freedom. The onerous duty and task of the media, journalists, reporters and writers is to investigate, uncover and defend the truth. But that has not been the case with Nigerian media and journalists.  The role that journalism plays in society and in the public sphere is crucial. Today, most Nigerian media is a complete joke and huge disappointment to democracy. The Nigerian media – newspapers, journalists, reporters, etc. are all complicit in the lawlessness and corrupt Nigeria that we have today. If they know their craft and understood the power of democracy and freedom of press, they would have contributed immensely to the emancipation of Nigeria from corruption and criminal enterprise - thereby help to enthrone good governance and true democracy. The Nigerian media is complicit and corrupt – and they are contributing to destroy Nigeria.

Nigeria is simply a failed state and a lawless nation.  Nigeria is a big mistake and a tragedy and the earlier we peacefully break up this union of death – the better for everyone.  It is better we have civil conversation, discussion and dialogue as civilized people and peacefully divide the country and avoid further loss of lives. 

Nigeria is a corrupt and criminal enterprise designed by the British for Hausa-Fulani jihadists and Yoruba conspirators. It's better to break up this union of death now than to continue to shed innocent blood and massacre future scientists, entrepreneurs, etc. "Nigeria has now become a theater of killings and beheadings" as one writer put it recently.   Captivity, slavery, - sadly have been the history and story of Easterners in Nigeria – just like the Jews during the biblical era – but we don’t have to stay enslaved for ever – even our brothers and sisters sold into slavery in America and other places, cried out to God and found strength and wisdom to liberate themselves in order to gain their freedoms.  We must do likewise in Nigeria for the future of our sons, daughters and the unborn.  If peaceful dialogue do not work, we will have to meet them in the woods again. This time, it will not be like 1967-70.  Freedom is taken not given and most times, it involves major conflict and bloodshed. 

All Eastern region, states, organizations, groups, freedom fighters, etc. must unite now to liberate themselves and their land from Islamic State of Nigeria.  There is a satanic conspiracy to Islamize Nigeria and Buhari has sworn to fulfill that evil and satanic plan fueled by Saudi Arabia—the number one sponsor of Islamic jihadist terrorism on the planet.

I appeal and call upon courageous citizens, true Nigerians who believe in the sanctity of life and unity of Nigeria to stand up now.  I call upon the African Union, United Nations, European Union, United States of American, Russia, China, France, Germany, and global community to intervene against continued massacre of Biafrans, Christians and armless Nigerian citizens being killed in droves by their leaders. If nothing is done and these massacres continue, the regions being attacked will have no option but to find ways to defend themselves.  And the repercussion will have ripple effect on Africa and cause one of the highest refugee menace of our time, and will negatively impact the global economy.

There is no democracy in Nigeria now but militant dictatorship. Nigeria is degenerating into anarchy, chaos, dismemberment and disintegration.  The global community must do something now to stop Buhari and the northern jihadists from exterminating Biafrans.  They must do something now to protect and liberate Biafrans from Islamic State of Nigeria - because second genocide is going on.  President Buhari with DSS, Army, Police, Boko haram and Fulani-herdsmen are massacring poor and unarmed Biafrans in SE and SS regions, which are currently under siege.

Easterners have died and suffered enough and until today continue to be massacred by northern jihadists and Yoruba conspirators.  The truth of the matter is that Easterners are the "guinea pigs" of Hausa-Fulani jihadists and Yoruba Oligarchy. 

Amalgamation and conquest of nations and empires of Africa by the British, French, Portuguese, and Arab nations are among the worst crimes of humanity.  It is an indescribable rape and destruction of the mother continent – which is destroying and hindering her growth and progress. The British colonization of Nigeria/Africa is one of the worst crimes against humanity. Nigeria’s amalgamation and colonization is as evil as slavery and holocaust.  No atrocity in human history equals it.  I think it is time for British leadership and the global community to right the wrong.  There is still time to de-colonialize: reorganize, restructure and dismantle Africa starting with Nigeria.

History and historians must properly record that Biafra genocide and starvation by Nigeria and her conspirators during civil war of 1967-1970 is among the worst war crimes of humanity and it’s about to repeat if global community do not stop it now.    The ripple effect will be devastating for Africa.

C. K. Ekeke, Ph.D., is a theologian, author, activist, and leadership scholar.  He’s completing the writing of a book:  “The Trouble with Nigeria: Why Nigeria Continues to Flounder,” to be published this year.
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