Does the government of the United States or British governments protect themselves more than it citizens? The United States is quoted to be the safest country in the world and the strongest militarily on the face of planet earth. My purpose of making the above short reference is because I refuse to engage in writing articles that do not capture the mind of the reader. As at today Friday 29th April 2016, the number of BIAFRANS KILLED IN NIGERIA HAS RISEN TO 4million both counted dead bodies and disappeared individuals. The cause of death brutally murdered by the state that should protect them through it satanic agents the Islamic Hausa/Fulani maytansine, herdsmen, Boko Haram, Nigeria army, navy, police, DSS, touts, agberos and lethal injections. For the past 5000 years, Biafrans have never fought a religious war inside nor outside Biafraland. No nation has ever confronted Biafrans militarily except the British colonial goons who also have presided over the murder of Biafrans through their contraption zoo called Nigeria. Uthman Danfodio conquered the entire northern Nigeria and imposed Islam on them before the British came and completed their uprooting. The Yorubas has been waging war against themselves more than 100 years; it became so easy for the British then ragtag army to capture them.
NONE OF THE TRIBES HAUSA/FULANI OR YORUBAS BRANDISHING AK-47 ASSAULT RIFLE AND KILLING BIAFRANS HAS EVER ATTEMPTED TO CONFRONT BIAFRANS IN THE BATTLE OF SUPERIORITY AND WON. Then why did Biafrans lost as many as 4million people in Nigeria and more deaths is being recorded? DISUNITY BROUGHT ABOUT THIS HEAVY loss, the enemies within Biafran territory are more than the enemies without. The four heathen tribes namely Britain, Hausa, Fulani and the Yorubas saw that the only way to overcome the fruitful nation of Biafra is to use willing household enemies, it has worked perfectly for them. The Yorubas eliminates anybody from Yoruba land who tries to stand in the way of their collective interest, example, the former justice of the Federation Chief Bola Ife was assassinated by the Obasanjo government, Dr. Funsho Williams and many secretly executed indigenes of that tribe, after their death, nobody tells anybody in that land to cast a block vote for Thief Obasanjo in his second term as a president of the zoo called Nigeria. Same thing happened to Hausa/Fulani Islamic northern Nigeria when they saw that political power was taken by the southern Nigeria headed by Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan a Christian, they brought out their SECRET Army (Boko Haram) and because they have educated people they resorted in killing the weak and the downtrodden just to force the few political northern leaders to bring back political power back to the north or face INSTANT DEATH, and it worked perfectly. The Biafrans are yet to see that as long as they enemies within are allowed to cause havoc for individual benefit, and roam the street unrooted and unchallenged, genocide will continue to be carried out in Biafra land by the British agents HAUSA/FULANI AND YORUBA HEATHEN TRIBES. Biafra land and borders have no security within Nigeria, and her people are daily exposed to trance bedfellows claiming to own Nigeria and the fertile land coast and marine in Biafra. Biafrans must either live, stand and defend Biafra nation or perish in Nigeria. During the recent visit of general officer commanding 82 Division of Nigeria army GOC Enugu major Attahiru Ibrahim and commissioner of police Enugu state Mr. Nwodo Ekechukwu, the security was beefed up in the community with heavy armed military and police positioned in strategic locations.
The federal government of the zoo Nigeria had earlier on ignored request by the villagers in Biafraland to protect them because of signs that Mohammad Buhari's kinsmen Fulani herdsmen are coming to attack them, the GOC and the CP only came heavily protected when more than 500 villagers had been assassinated. The killers had previously come all the way from northern Islamic Nigeria Nasarawa state to give notice to the villagers telling them to vacate from their farms because the land belongs to them, the herdsmen with AK-47 Assault Rifle force their husbands to kneel down watching them rape their wives. Calling emergency meeting by the southern Nigeria senators especially the Biafran senators is nothing but the waist of time, money and energy. I have never heard or seen where a such number of people died only for the president of that country to sit in his office receiving visitors including the governor of the briefed state. Nigeria president was knowing fully well that his agents killed the Biafrans refuse to go there and condole with the affected families only to invite the Enugu state governor to come and see him. George Bush junior visited the world trade centre after the bombing of the twin towers in 2001. Olusegun Obasanjo visited Okiafa in Isolo Lagos state after many people died due to
Bomb scare. I have run out of patient waiting for Biafrans to unite and do the needful.
Islamic enemies surround us; we cannot afford to continue losing our brilliant sons and daughters to illustrate, cattle rearers, we have come to a second boiling point in the history of Biafran restoration struggle, it is either we all live, stand together and fight for Biafra or perish in the zoo called Nigeria. 
By Benjamin Kish.
Editor Udeagha Obasi
Umuchiukwu Writers
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