My father had an American friend by name Dr. Tim Frederick. They met in Accra Ghana on Nov 4th 1965. Dr. Tim Frederick was a businessman while my father was a trainee student as a locomotive train engine driver, his trainer was a Chinese expert rate who invited him for a refresher cause. One evening Dr. Tim visited my dad in making shift tent where other students from different part of Africa for different programme chose to lodge just to save some money instead of lodging in an expensive hotel, the government that sent them never cared where they slept and wake up, all they require from you is good result. On arrival that evening Tim was thirsty and beckoned to village or local errand boy to give him some water to drink, the boy's name was James Apia, he made straight to a local clay pot with a sourced and a cup placed on top, took the cup dipped it into the clay pot and ran back to give Dr. Tim the water he requested, the business man received the water and drank it, returned the cup to the boy and sat down waiting for my father to join him, few minutes later Dr. Tim Frederick fell on the ground and lay still, my father came in with excitement to welcome his visitor only to see him on the floor, he grabbed Dr. Tim with both hands lifted him up and called his name Dr. Tim, Dr. Tim what is the matter, what is the problem? Dr. Tim only responded by pointing his fingers towards his stomach, my father took him and laid him on the mattress which was on top of a wooden locally made bed in his tent, rushed to an uncle of his, who owns a medicine store, he gave my dad some drugs which he gave Dr. Tim, three hours later Dr.Tim's stomach upset stopped. After telling my father that it was the water that he drank that caused the stomach upset. Inside my father's tent was a small bag containing sharp sand, my father would cross over to the next compound belonging to a Ghanaian and pluck some herbs, spread a white cloth to cover the mouth of a clay jar and spread some sharp sand on top and begin to pour water on the sand which penetrates into the clay jar, after some time, he pulls out the white cloth, brought another cleaner clay jar spread another clean and dry white cloth squeezed the herbs which he had plucked from a neighbor's compound after washing it, the liquid water squeezed out of the herbs will drop on the white cloth and into the water, he knows the quantity he squeezes into it. In two to three minutes later, the water is purified ready for drinking. Dr.Tim Frederick could not believe what he saw my father do, a water purifier produced in a dark continent of Africa as at that time by a black man? My father was to purify a small water jar which Dr. Tim took to America before Biafran war with the Zoo Nigeria broke out and my dad worked in Biafran research and production with one Mr. Gordon Ezekwe. He was later taken away from P.R.O.D.A Enugu and made the zoo nigeria minister of science and technology by THIEF IBRAHIM BADAMOSI BABANGIDA. My dad was not a scientist nor a drop out as a science student, the gift is inside him, he has passed it on to all his children including my humble self a student of institute of medical sciences U.P state India.
In my second article part 2 of this one, i'll avail the world the opportunity of knowing and seeing what Biafrans have invented not copied from 1967-2016. I bet you, you will then say why haven't Biafra come before now. WATCH OUT.

Written by Benjamin

Edited by Udeagha Obasi

For Umuchukwu Writers
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  2. Can't help but wait for the part 2 of this article... All Hail Biafra!!!