Nigeria is a failed state and this is because corruption is the foundation of its existence, there is the need to adequately elaborate the extent of its failure as this is seen in various aspects of its existence.

1. Security One key battleground in this contraption called NIGERIA is Boko Haram which has taken control of huge swathes of land in the north-east, killing thousands of civilians. The north-eastern state Kano, which has suffered from Boko Haram attacks, has seen business activity drop by 80 per cent in the past three years according to estimates from the local chamber of commerce. 

Instability in the north-eastern states has only deepened the economic divide between the north and the oil-rich south. And now owing to the fact that this set of terrorists has now disguised as fulani herdsmen to continue their evil acts in other parts of the country, what makes this situation worse is that the acclaimed president of Nigeria is one of the leading sponsors of boko haram as it is their quest to Islamise the country although it is founded on Islam; how can the devil dine with the saints? Is this not an indication that Biafra cannot be or should never have been forced to join this country and as a result of this biafrans have been killed without cause because they are seen as a threat to what they (Islam) stand for and are vying to become.  
2. Oil prices Oil represents 90 per cent of Nigerian exports and 70 per cent of government revenues. Needless to say, the recent dramatic drop in oil prices has had a devastating effect on the economy. Exports to the US
have fallen as a result of its success in shale exploitation. The fall in oil prices has forced the government to cut spending and triggered a sell-off in Nigeria bond and stock markets. Buhari and his colleagues who are also enriching their pause in the ongoing problem of theft hampering companies operating in the region. Shell, who sold off a selection of its Nigerian assets last year, said it lost 60,000 barrels a day due to theft in the Niger Delta as engineered by Buhari and colleagues because the only thing that makes them clamour for one NIGERIA is because they need to continue to enrich themselves through oil gotten from biafra land while biafrans suffer and are made to become slaves in their rich oil state.

3. Currency Another damaging effect of falling oil prices has been the weakening of the naira, Nigeria's currency, to its lowest level for 16 years. The Central Bank of Nigeria
has twice had to devalue the currency in recent months and raised its benchmark interest rate from 12 to 13 per cent. 

4.Inequality Despite its status as an African economic powerhouse, poverty is still widespread. According to the United Nations' most recent multi-dimensional poverty index, over 67 per cent of Nigerians live below the poverty line.
5. Corruption One of the biggest stains in this evil country called Nigeria of which on this was the foundation laid. This is why nothing is successful in Nigeria. All past leaders has allegations of corruption ,theft, killings, murder, money laundering and an exact example of the issue of money laundering is seen in former dictator head of states in NIGERIA who are all hausa/fulani by name; Sani Abacha, IBB, BUHARI who led a coup and replaced a democratically elected president and has a case to answer on halliburton scandal and also when he was the petroleum minister of which a lot of money was illegally transferred and stolen by him and in particular a lack of transparency on oil revenues. Over $20bn in oil revenue at the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is accused of being held back from the treasury. 

A PriceWaterhouse Coopers audit into the NNPC oil accounts has not been published by the government. For how long should we continue to die in silence suffer in the midst of all the natural endowment from God on us, and perhaps continue to be marginalised from a country whose economy is gotten from biafra land. With a country having all these features , how can anything good be gotten from it. 

This is a country whose belief and way of life is different from that of biafrans. The only thing that will stop biafra agitation is when we have biafra republic and it is our right, we will never beg for it, self determination is universal law and thus we are only exercising it not minding how Buhari has continually ordered his army and police to slaughter, kill, maim, massacre innocent lives having peaceful protest. The world must see and rise to support biafrans and what is good which is that self determination is a right of an individual. 

Ezekwereogu John 

for Umuchukwu writers.
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