Nigeria, is doomed and has become a history to human. This failed state has being in existence for a hundred and two years.The creator of this unholy marriage, called Lugard made it to last only for hundred years. And after which, should pathways for the indigenous people to take their inheritance, of which Biafra is one of them. The islamic state of Nigeria, was built on deceit, lies, fraud, corruption, marginalization, more especially, innocent blood. 

The situation in which Nigeria has been for the past few months now, is becoming unbearable for every individual residing there. Nigeria state has faced critical times especially under the present administration and leadership of the dullard, rapist, paedophile Muhammadu Buhari who don't even show an atom of remorse because he's busy travelling from one country to the other.
The British Nigerian government has not been known with anything short of evil. It is quite laughable that blind elements still refers this damnation the giant of Africa. Truly speaking, Nigeria and Nigerians should stop making mockery of themselves and their country because Nigeria has never for once deserve such name. 
How can Nigeria become a Giant, when common electricity is not functioning in the country? Giant of Africa, when educational system is doomed because, the politicians fly their kids to abroad to study? Giant of Africa when unemployment is their religion? Giant of Africa when an illiterate is allowed to become a president while educated, qualified and vibrant youths are on the street wandering from one place to the other in search of employment? Giant of Africa where justice has been rapped and murdered by the same judiciary that should respect and keep the law? Giant of Africa where masquerades are allowed to testify against an accused person? Giant of Africa where justice is been traded in favor of the rich? Giant of Africa where political offices are used against opponents who might sometimes be enemy?
Well, for me Nigeria should have been long sent packing back to the pit of hell where she came from. This contraption has successfully accomplished her purpose of which she was created and as such, going extra mile. But I am not surprise, with the Nemesis that has befallen the concoction made by British delegates for selfish course. 
The present situation, I must say is as a result of the expired date, since expired goods are not good for consumption and are bound to be thrown into the dustbins.
Nigeria is a damnation unto humanity and the British, are aware that this contraption is due to go down but because, they are too selfish, they don't want to loose the source of their income, have sworn never to rise up to their responsibility. 
But we assured them, sooner than they imagined, they will cover their faces with shame. They forcefully amalgamated us with impunity and now, the contraption has expired, they want us to maintain one Nigeria, which we have rejected to the core. 
The illiterate president who has become a toy tool to the British government, keep wandering from nation to nation supporting self determination while it has become a taboo in his own country. 
Well, Nigeria is really doomed and by CHIUKWU-OKIKE-AHBIAMA'S Name, it must go down soon. The cast upon Nigeria is much bigger than that of the Egypt of old because Buhari has become the Pharaoh of our time and will surely go down like Pharoah. The only solution to the poverty, fuel scarcity, rise in dollar will be remedy if pharoah Buhari let go of the children of the most high CHIUKWU-AHBIAMARA.
BY; Emmanuel Precious, 
Edited by Udeagha Obasi 
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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