The Bible says and I quote: prejudice is wrong, But some judges will do wrong to get even the smallest bribe. It is folly for the righteous to sit in their temples praying everyday without speaking about the well being of the society.

It was the job of prophets of old to continually remind the kings, rulers and the people of their misdeeds and the likely punishments. The name Nigeria is becoming synonymous to Drug trfficking, paedophile, murder, killings jihad ,infact it represents all form of evil and injustice to humanity as evident today , Imagine how God works as there is now an exact replica of what Justice John Tosho should have done just as the law requires, why allow a masked witness to testify against somebody agitating for self defence in a corrupt ridden country like Nigeria who has seen Buhari support other states for self determination because they are Muslim related, now look at what justice should be 

.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3486078/Muslim-woman-refused-remove-burka-testify-against-man-accused-abusing-warned-German-judge-jailed-does-not-comply.html . a German judge worthy of honor because he has fear for injustice and is willing to uphold justice even at his own peril orders a masked woman who is supposed to stand as witness in a case to remove her mask because no law will tolerate a mask witness or find one wearing mask to be credible to stand for witness in a court of law. 

Can Nigeria judiciary emulate the doggedness as shown by this judge even in the face of bribery? John Tosho destroyed his career for having allowed a mask witness even after previously ruling against it. 

Clearly the world is watching and this should serve as a warning that justice denied to an innocent man as Nnamdi Kanu simply because he agitates for self determination means karma will be there to play its full course. Biafra is a divine mandate and has come to stay

The economic problems affecting Nigeria development has always been a subject of discuss in the Schools, social platforms and National assembly but the truth is, the canker
worm which have derail the economic development in Nigeria is known by all and sundry but getting out of it is as difficult as the main problems. This is simply because the leaders have always failed to make things right in both rule of law and governance. Nigeria will continue to suffer perpetuity of Economic and political mess.

People are asking, Why is Nigeria like this? Fifty-Five years on and Nigeria is still stuck in the mud. Look around. They cannot boast of decent roads devoid of potholes and craters. Public schools are a study in degeneration,Hospitals are like an incurable disease.

International airports are a journey into morass. Civil service is a cesspool of decay, the epitome of inefficiency and extortion. Nigeria where corruption like an ornament and flaunt loot like a medal. They can hardly get anything done in the private or public sector without partaking in corruption. they are swarmed by ethnic and religious conflicts, still neck-deep in tribal wars that were the hallmark of primitive societies in centuries past.

From Boko Haram, hausa/fulani herdsmen,Army/police brutality on civilians especially the current murdering of Biafrans who agitate for self determination which is a universal law, massacre of Agatu community by hausa/fulani who disguise as herdsmen, Biafrans lie helplessly in the grip of terror, unsure of when the next bomb will go off or when the next machete will be swung wildly and fatally. 

Although corruption is a global scourge, Nigeria appears to suffer the most from it because the leaders are pathologically corrupt, everyone appears to believe that the country has a
culture of corruption, imagine, If the President BUHARI can corner a judge and tell him how to handle a case he knows he has lost tell me what the Governors, ministers commissioners and the rich in the society treat the common man. . ie, survival of the fittest, the strong maim the weak , Over the years, Nigeria has earned huge sum of money from crude oil, which has gone down the sinkhole created by corruption an oil giant that runs on grease of politics, Nigeria is described as a rich country floating on oil wealth but almost none of it flows to the people , Biafrans are still subjected to perpetual suffering in the same country where the oil gotten from Biafra land is used to sustain the economy. 

Politicians are very rich because they harbor the mendacity that public money belong to no one. National dailies area wash with news of how politicians (Hausa/fulani) are acquiring million dollar homes (within and outside Nigeria ) and stockpiling stolen public money in financial institution abroad .the case of Sani abacha is a thing to ponder on whose loot is still a subject of national discuss, policy consistency and greed are among the causes of the hemorrhage.

Every administration that comes on board take on a new policy initiative instead building on the previous ones. As a result, Nigeria has toyed with a series of ineffective and poorly
implemented policies. For instance, as chief economic adviser to Obasanjo, Charles
Soludo instituted the national economics employment, reducing poverty and guide values reorientation. 

But the needs failed to achieve its objective because of the reason already elaborated in the preceding sections. The late Umaru Musa Yar'adua's administration (inherited by Jonathan) dumped the NEEDS and adopted the vision of the administration to transform Nigeria into one of the first 20 largest global economics by the year 2020. These program that now appear dead gulped huge sum of money, which could have been used to resolve some of the social economic and political challenges facing the country.

Ezekwereogu john

Edited by Udeagha Obasi

For Umuchukwu Writers
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