The phrases, OHA NA EZE, in Igbo language can simply be translated as follows: "OHA" means “the people”; "NA" means “and”; while "EZE" means “the king”. It is often shortened to Ohaneze. This three-word phrase has been popular in the Igbo tradition to lay emphasis on the mutual relationship between the Igbo people (Oha) and their leaders (Eze). Before the invasion of our lands by the British and other colonial dictators, Eze was the source of governance that the Igbo people rely on in making decision, in settling disputes, in trade decision, conflict resolutions and in consulting of Chukwu "God" whenever the need arises. Unlike the other cultures, the Igbos strongly believe in God and that is why they are always prosperous. But the socio-cultural and political order normally represented by Ohaneze has been selfishly exploited for enrichment of some particular groups and misguided miscreants. We want to tell those people that are destroying the name “OHANEZE” that, for pursuing your selfish interest which leads to the enslavement of our people, we are tired of your leadership and representation. Your advice is no longer welcomed due to your corruption and false testifications, I call you people Ohaneze NDI OSHI as our able director Nnamdi Kanu used to say. You people have been a shame to us and to our children. We do not have pride anymore because of your callous attitude. After the killings in Onitsha, Igwe-Ocha (Port Harcourt), Aba and many other places in your own homeland, you went in the name of Ohaneze to congratulate the president of the zoo for the killing of innocent Biafrans whom he has tagged his enemies. Despite the worldwide condemnation that followed these killings, it is outrageous that you did not even mourn these your own children, talk less of suing the killers for justice. We know everything that happened in Abuja. We heard every bit of the conversation. I prefer to die than to live like a slave in my father’s house. Biafra is our birthright, nobody will take that away from us and Buhari is aware. Ohaneze ndi igbo has turned into a bunch of frustrated he-goats trying to do everything possible to eat yam from the masters barn. The Ohaneze (as currently constituted) represents the Ifeajuna of our time. They should be prepared to go on exile or risk extermination. The wage of betrayal is eternal condemnation. Philip Okeke for IPOB writer
Edited by O. Onoriode
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