While in Qatar, Buhari was interviewed by Martine Dennis of Al Jazeera on shooting of unarmed pro-Biafran protesters in Aba, Abia State on 9 February this year. Dennis during the interview suggested Buhari could watch the video of the hideous genocide committed on his order. Buhari outrightly refused to watch the video. In response to the killing of innocent Biafran protesters, Buhari said: “At least two million Nigerians were killed in the Biafra war. And for somebody to wake up, may be they weren’t born, looking for Biafra after two million people were killed, they are joking with the security and Nigeria won’t tolerate Biafra.” When we said this man is too dumb to be a local government chairman let alone a President, some thought it to be a joke. How can a president who have been going around supporting the struggle for self determination of the Palestine state of Israel come up on a world TV to give such fable response a genocide committed on his orders. Someone might ask; how did you know it was committed on his orders? His response to Martin Dennis's question says it all, I mean besides the fact that he is the Commander in-chief of the armed forces. Through that response, Buhari has justified the present killing of innocent Biafrans. Should the fact that over 3million Biafrans have given their lives for the Biafran course with many more willing to do so not spur Buhari into granting Biafrans freedom rather than killing more Biafrans and going around putting up a pathetic try to justify his murders?
The world is watching, a Hitler has risen from Africa with desperation to intimidate, kill, and suppress the Biafrans but he will fail at it. Hope the British that caused this by amalgamating Biafrans with insane Islamic semi-humans are watching? Hope the united nation is hearing? Hope the European Union and African Union is at alert? If Buhari is thinking that with a reference to the Biafran war he can intimidate Biafrans, then he should go and read about Biafrans, we don't fret or fidget at threats, we would rather in a fight for freedom like our fathers and grandfathers did in 1967-1970, than live as slaves to Buhari and his misguided brothers as he calls them. Questioned about his foreign exchange policy affecting Nigerians who had children studying abroad – just like himself whose daughter Zara is in University of Surray, UK. He said “those who can afford it can afford it”. It appears he is among those that can afford to send their children abroad for education; Zara Buhari is not only schooling in one of UK's most expensive schools, she also drives a Porsche to school and lives an expensive lifestyle, which is different from the picture his father Buhari painted when he claimed, while running for president, that he could not afford the nomination fee. On the padding of his budget, Buhari's response to the interviewer was “you know more about our budget than I do”. Imagine such a waveoff?
After his spokesman, Garba Shehu had declared in February that the president turned down the invitation of Saudi Arabia to join a coalition of Islamic states against terror, Buhari flip-flopped in this interview to state that Nigeria had joined. He did not seem concerned that Nigeria was not an Islamic state and said that the Christians complaining about it can go and fight Boko Haram. Questioned about whether he had defeated Boko Haram after claiming that he would defeat them by the end of December last year, Buhari told Dennis that the people of Nigeria knew better than her. This man's ignorance is worth taking a good laugh on. Written by Ken Pat for IPOB Writers
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