Shortly after Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan took the oath of office as the commander in chief of the federal republic of Nigeria, I saw the open implementation of Islamic sharia by the northern hausa/Fulani Oligarchy, I saw the former prime minister of Britain John Major seating on the throne of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa , he beckoned on three men who was standing beside him to come forward, he brought out something that was wrapped with a green cloth and said to the three men one of you will receive this gift then open it, and whatever is the content must be used by all three.
The names of the three men is as follows: Agu, idayat and Sule. Sule took the gift first from John Major opened it lo and behold, the content was a book and a flaming sword, Rule brought out the sword, sliced the book into three gave one to Agu, one to Idayat and one for him.
John Major got up from the the throne standing on his feet, he asked the three men to eat the book and swallow it leaving the throne vacant.
I saw Sule eat his own book, Idayat did the same eat his own book.
But Agu said to Sule, give me the sword I'll not only eat the book but I'll swallow it, Sule refused and threatened to kill Idayat and Agu walked to the throne vacated by John Major climbed on it sat down and began to swing the sword.
Agu came to challenge him but was badly wounded by Sule who cut him with the sword all over his body. Idayat seen what was done to Agu prostrated face down before Sule while Sule raised up hi feet and placed it on top of Idayat's head.
With the wound Agu got real angry and bounced on Sule who was already sitting on the throne, took the flaming sword out of the hand of Sule and begin to destroy the wooden throne, it was amazing to see the strength, courage and boldness with which Agu used to destroy the wooden throne, Sule ran away, dragging Idayat along as he ran.
Agu was still bleeding all over him when he finally caught Sule and Idayat and began to severe their body parts until the died, Agu brought something like clock lifted it up and began to show it to the people I cannot really recognize their face murmuring by saying, the time is 2:30a.m. I SAW A GIANT AMPHIBIOUS SHIP THE REA OPENED AND AMERICAN SOLDIERS CAME OUT OF IT. in a lightning speed they arrested thousands of Nigerian soldiers and horded them into the amphibious ship.
Mr. Agu appeared from nowhere shaking hands with the U.S army. Somebody from the land of the rising sun 45 years after the genocide that saw the the death of more than 3.5million women, children and noncombatants in Biafraland, rose up and refuse to eat the book (the Islamic doctrines, murder, sheria, gay marriage called dandaudu in hausa language, jihad, terrorism, autocratic leadership, hatred, under age abductions, executive lies,
Kidnapping, religious intolerance and blasphemy of holy name of CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA, the creator of all things and the maker of man.
The (Agu) lion among the three men that I saw is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu a young man who does not have any military background but was able to use his mouth to disarm the British ZOO called Nigeria, Biafra is now a household name all over the world, the heat is on the zoo, BIAFRANS must know going by the revelation above that they must not tolerate, accommodate, congregate nor accept anything in exchange of our beautiful land of Biafra.
Great door of independent has already been opened, we must unite and destroy anything remaining in the zoo called nigeria why? help is coming from unexpected nation, and I vote for united states to be that nation God will to bring to an end the British contraption Nigeria.
God does not chose a man on the basis of education, smartness, Talents, money, political influence of connection to accomplish such great task as the restoration of sovereign state of Biafra. It is worthy of note and this is very important, that only friends and family members come close to such people at first but later the world always identify with him. WE HAVE PUT OFF NIGERIA AS A CLOTH HOW CAN WE PUT IT ON,BIAFRA HAVE DIED ENOUGH, IT IS NOW OR NEVER, NO RETREAT AND NO SURRENDER.

Written by Benjamin Kish.
Edited by Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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