Nigerians are known with all manner of atrocities one can ever think of in your life. If you can't kill, you are not a good Nigerian. If you can't steal you are not a good Nigerian. If you can't loot the public treasury, you are not a good Nigerian, and can't be celebrated. If you can't abduct, rape and molest women both grown up and underage, you are not a good Nigerian. If you can't use power against your political enemies, you are not a good Nigerian. 
If you don't offer false political promises, people won't like to vote you in power. If you don't have a ministry where you performs demonic miracles, people won't believe you a God sent. If you don't bribe judges, they won't give you fair justice. If you want to be free from slavery in Nigeria, you will be called a miscreant by uneducated elements. If you say the truth in Nigeria, Nigerians will term it hate speech and persecute you.
The contraption concocted by the Satan Lugard, has been internationally recognized as rogue state as announced by the peadophile in power, Muhammadu Buhari. The first illiterate to become a president. This rogue state called Nigeria, has been naturally doomed of her natural creation. The former administration of this contraption, under GEJ, sold petroleum at the rate of #85 while the present administration is selling petroleum at the rate of #160 per liter, yet people criticize GEJ for misuse of power. 
During the past administration, electricity was more stable, food items sold cheaper, transportation was easier, school fees more affordable, live stocks more affordable and so on, more than the present one, but people still blame the past administration for the failure of the present administration. When will these rogues learn to appreciate good things? When will Nigerians learn to be civilized? It baffles me that a country like Nigeria still exist in this century.
The existence of Nigeria has become a mistake, an eye sore, an injustice, a shame from generation to generation. A country where ordinary herds men walk freely with ak47, used in killing innocent citizens, and yet both the governor, member of representative, Senator representing the area, to the federal level remains quiet, rather they turn around to congratulate them. 
A country where looters, abductors of underage girls, rapists, walk like kings and lords on the street, but a freedom fighter, as peaceful as anything imagined is remanded, tortured, incarcerated and inhumanly abused even when the court had granted him bail. Well as a matter of facts, Nigeria is a sinking ship and is gradually decaying , even more quickly than expected. She was created to kill and suck innocent blood, imprison, humiliate, enslave and maim harms upon the children of Chukwu-Okike-Abiama, but she will regret and bow to Israel on a very good day. We want Biafra and nothing else nothing less.
Written by Emmanuel Precious 
Edited by Obasi
For UmuChiukwu writers

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