The bodies of several young men with their hands tied were recovered nearby several weeks afterwards
– A photo has emerged of several pro-Biafrans being detained by Nigerian army soldiers  
– The young men had their hands tied behind their back and then they disappeared  
– A few weeks later, several bodies with their hands tied were recovered nearby 

Nigerian army soldiers have been accused of murdering pro-Biafran activists in cold blood after they arrested them. According to a well placed source who spoke anonymously, several young Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) members were on their way from Owerri to Aba to attend a meeting. As you can see from the photo below, which was taken by a passing motorcyclist, the young men were apparently detained by Nigerian army soldiers en route.

After they were detained, the IPOB activists were allegedly beaten bloody by the soldiers and had their hands tied behind their backs. The young men were not heard from after that, however a few weeks the remains of several young men were dig up from beside the road near Aba. The corpses of the young men were said to have been found with their hands tied behind their back.

IPOB has said it will present the photograph at the International Criminal Court in The Hague as further evidence of the crimes against humanity committed by the Nigerian security forces against Igbos and pro-Biafrans. The pro-Biafra group has also called on the Nigerian federal government to stop its persecution of Igbos and young people in the south and southeast of Nigeria.

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