The justice that bends law to convict a suspect is worse than the suspect even if the suspect is guilty but Kanu is Innocent...which way Nigeria? Do you continue in sin so that grace may abide? How long will you remain barbaric? A country whose fundamentalists are naturally wicked, killers, murderers, alast do you see a brute display of what the Nigerian law is made of? Law of the elites? Law of paedophiles who walk the streets untouched, law of saboteurs, law of DSS, law of BUHARI , Law of Hausa/Fulani. a country where the judge is able to dance on the side of its employers and reverse a ruling made in utmost clarity and good fact. who is John Tsoho? 

He is a man paid by Buhari to make sure that Biafran rights are trampled upon in all ramifications, he is a man of questionable character, he is a man under the services of Buhari, he is a man whose yes is determined by the weight of an envelope. Clearly he demonstrated that in court that "Lagbaja" from Yorubaland can outrightly stand before the court and witness against a case as sensitive as this one? Nigeria's judicial system has gone to the baboons! What a mockery of Nigeria's judicial system.
The Chicken that is mocking a roasted fowl is mocking its own death, perhaps Perversion of justice just to achieve a demonic aim. Although this country called Nigeria is a lawless state and this is an exact case to prove how lawless they can be, Why can't they show their faces if they are being sincere as they claim, does it mean buhari and his DSS cannot provide security for its witness? The world must note these four important things 

1. That Indigenous people of Biafra is not a terrorist organisation 

2.That indigenous people of Biafra is agitating for self determination from the Islamic state of Nigeria because they are of different belief, culture and religion 

3.that the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra is unlawfully detained after been granted bail by two competent court of jurisdiction in Nigeria. 

4 that the indigenous people of Biafra are peaceful in their agitation for self determination even in the face of several killings they have received from the Buhari hausa/fulani led army and police in Biafra land.

But for how long will the international community continue to grow in silence in the face of all this tribulations, killings and murders meted on this peaceful people is a question everyone is eager to know. But one thing is certain about this struggle, which is; that it is a divine mandate from God and victory is certainly assured. 

Ezekwereogu John

for IPOB writers.
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