Top secret and raging issue is the option Islamic government of Nigeria might take in the event that the world insists that the Biafra independence is REFERENDUM. Permit me to state that the Biafran case is different from other countries who got their sovereignty through referendum.

Scotland for example was operating an autonomous economy inside the United Kingdom, yet not satisfied, sought to break away from the United Kingdom. They wanted 100% freedom

The British government was forced to organize it when the heat of the Scottish wish to break away became unbearable.

The British, as cunning as they are, knowing that they are about to lose Scotland, resorted in rigging.

It was the David Cameron's dangerous last card. Cameron had before the referendum, wept and pleaded with the Scots not to leave the United Kingdom. The whole world knew that the result was rigged.

The result sheet shows that 32 local governments voted with a total turn out of about 86.6%. After the voting, 44.7% said YES for independent while 55.6% said NO for a separate Scotland nation.

Going by the above result, David Cameron rigged Scotland back to the union with a paltry 10.9% votes and it is laughable. The British dubious way of holding on to the people who need freedom makes mockery of democracy, that is why No 10 Downing street is now known and called MASTER RIGGERS.

Why the outcome did not result into a blood birth is because, Scotland was not treated the way Biafrans are treated as conquered people, slaves and second class citizens.

POINTS TO NOTE: The Scots were part of true leadership of great Britain from the beginning, in fact, history has it that it was a Scottish indigene in the person of Lord Luggard, a notorious drunk who joined Biafrans, Housa/Fulani and the Yorubas into one country.

Since Biafrans operated as a sovereign nation for 3years, IPOB must insist on restoration and not REFERENDUM. Biafra was (and is still) an existing nation that was invaded by the then super powers - Britain, Russia, and all the Arab Muslim nations helping the ZOO called Nigeria. In real battle, the great Biafran elite army subdued them in face to face combats. Records are there to prove my facts.

Biafra operated her nation with every essential services in place such as the Army, Navy, Police, Air force, Customs, Immigration, Prisons, internal and external affairs, ministry of health, currency, universities, Primary and secondary schools etc.

Biafra has her border with neighbouring countries drawn which the map is there for all to see. Biafra has a good and cordial diplomatic relationship with some already established nations such as, Portugal, Tanzania, Haiti, Gabon, Israel, Ivory Coast etc.

Biafran currency is recognized by the World Bank till today even though yet to return to its legal tender status. Biafra operated a viable stock exchange and that is why the Biafra pounds is still more valuable with the zoo Nigeria naira.

Referendum is giving the Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba oligarchy another opportunity to keep Biafrans under perpetual slavery, killing and looting our God given natural resources.

SPECIAL INFORMATION. The amount of Biafran oil money stolen by the Islamic north and southwest stashed in foreign bank accounts can wage war against Britain itself and still remain afterwards.

Therefore, the zoo Nigeria can bribe Barack Obama and David Cameron into accepting the result. It has been discovered that the quality of mineral resources in Biafra land cannot be found anywhere in the north or in the southwest.

Referendum must be rejected by all IPOB worldwide, it must be tagged “NO GO AREA”, Why? If the referendum holds and Biafra loses through rigging, the world will have no option but to accept the result. It will become a strategic victory for the dying Nigerian managers. There is no basis for us to undergo s referendum when it is obvious that they do not want us. They cannot TOLERATE us. The way they have being killing us and desecrating our corpses shows clearly that we are not wanted in their midst. Even the corpses of enemies and strangers are handled with dignity in Africa, yet they kill and dump our corpses for vultures to devour! No rejection is worse than that in Africa.

It has been an Islamic prime objective to capture Biafra land and turn it into a Caliphate. The current president has vowed to spread Sharia law across Nigeria. In j=his words, “I will continue to show openly and inside me, the total commitment to the Sharia movement all over Nigeria”. He went further to say “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of Sharia in the entire federation of Nigeria”. This agrees well with statement by Abubakr Shekau, the of Boko Haram, who said “By Allah, we will not stop fighting until every Nigerian is living by Sharia law. If you don’t abide, we will kill you”. To confirm the cordial relationship between him and Boko Haram, Buhari has condemned the shooting of Boko Haram fighters, describing such act as an attack on the north.

My submission here is that come rain, come shine, Biafran sovereign nation is not NEGOTIABLE.
Edited by O. Onoriode
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