I pity those who claim to be one Nigerians. The agenda of Islamising the contraption called Nigeria is ongoing, by the Jihadist on power, Muhammadu Buhari the terrorist, child rapist and peadophile. He has successfully sketch out a plan to Islamize the country, which is ongoing at the moment without giving a damn about the Christian religion, even if he Muhammadu Buhari knows that Nigeria has other religion apart from Islam. Without any doubt, the plan which the terrorist and peadophile Buhari has to Islamize Nigeria has been manifested in different ways, both spirituality, mentally, financially, physically and otherwise.
Take for instance, El' Rufai's ban on public preaching by Christians, except they have tickets, which is renewal every year. He also went as far as ordering the army and other security arms to uproot every sign posts of churches at Kano. Can someone tell me where it is written in the Nigerian constitution that people must assign for tickets before practicing their religion? You and I know that Nigeria is an Islamic state from the core. In the Nigerian constitution, the word Islam and Shari'a appeared severally without Christian appearing even for once. 
You and I know also that the islamic convention 2016 was was an update on the 1989 Abuja declaration? where in '1989 it was noted that Sharia Law must govern muslims. The world should know that it is also a strategic planning for the Islamization of Africa. Their Core teachings is to come under their God, Convert or die. Political power is also a way of Islamization.
They have come up with many strategies of which is being carried out on daily basis. Buhari has used financial fundings, placing of muslims in power, free education to convert to Islam knowing that christians are always eager to learn. The introduction of the world's most deadly terrorist group called Boko Haram in the year 2009 to instinct fear in christians knowing that this will easily convert all christians without a waste of time. The fulani herdsmen has been armed with ak47 to move into christian homes and farmland to kill anyone who is not an Islam. The Muslims has being in control of all the main oil wells and industries in the contraption called nigeria.
This dullard Buhari ruled without ministers for 4 or 5 months, at that time Nigeria was his personal business, he took the opportunity and placed his ex military men in all most the 32 key strategic positions. Preparing for war with the Christians, war on Biafra. Our Pastors, Bishops, Evangelists, Apostles, etc seems to be quiet, without opposing this agenda which will definitely affect all of us.
It's time for the children of Chukwu-Okike-Abiama rise up and condemn this ongoing strategy, by cushioning this evil administration of Buhari. Rise up and speak up now before it's too late. 
When prophet Nnamdi Kanu said it months ago, people made jest of him, called it hate speech. Only because he has done opened his own ministry to collect money as the present men of God do today, today it's a reality, you and i is experiencing it. Biafrans arise and take what is rightfully yours.
By...Emmanuel Precious, 
Editor...Udeagha Obasi
For....UmuChiukwu Writers
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