El-Rufai has started heavy crackdown on Christian communities. He has marked entire communities that are either 100% Christians or 95% Christian for complete demolition. That was after pretending by demolishing houses built around schools, now he has used that as a cover up to start religious war against Christians by marking whole communities for demolition.
As Arise News will always bring you verified news, our correspondents visited some of the communities on a fact finding mission. And we vividly confirmed the story beyond every reasonable doubt.
One of the resident that spoke to our correspondent, who pleaded anonymity confirmed that the community is 100% Christian, no single Muslim nor any mosque. Adding, "Why this man was sworn in he appealed that Christians should no more live separate, that we should mix up with Muslims, but how can I live in a community where my life and that of my family is not safe. 

That is the only offence we committed oo. The next thing they invaded our community with over 50 fully armed Operation Yaki and started marking all our houses for demolition. See the first mark." He pointed to a red mark on a wall close to him (picture below). He added, "All the communities that are either 100% Christians with no single mosque or above 95% Christians without single mosque are marked for demolition. An entire community around Millennium City has been completely demolished. Or is it because he didn't get good votes from us? (Laughs) Yes, because most Christian communities didn't vote APC."
He continued to explain that as follow up, they again invaded the community we fully armed truck load of fiery looking soldiers as if they were going to face boko haram in Sambisa forest. And they pasted notices on all buildings in the community, giving final notice of demolition. When we asked for a copy of the notice he took our buildings in the community, giving final notice of demolition.

When we asked for a copy of the notice he took our correspondent to his house and showed them on his wall (The picture of the demolition notice is also captured below). The demolition notice states that they built house without approval. Thus they are given 21 days ultimatum to remove their buildings or they demolished them at the expense of the community. We asked if they have approval for their buildings, he asserted that the community is an estate and the people their are enlightened so they won't erect illegal structure. 

He immediately entered his house and brought hisapproval with bank drafts in favour of KASUPDA, the body that is empowered by the law to give such approval. It is so amazing that the same body that gave the approval and that all necessary fees were paid to was the same body that issued the demolition notice, hinging it on lack of approval. 

Our correspondent requested to snap the approval, bank drafts and receipts. He didn't allow us to snap the approval, but presented the receipt, bank drafts and the chief's consent letters. Though, he covers his name and file number for security purpose. (pictures below) All efforts to get KASUPDA (the body that issued approval and was now used to give demolition notice in the same community) to talk proved abortive as the person we spoke to declined all comments, insisting that they have been mandated not to say anything on demolition issues. Adding that they are only acting on the order from the state government. LAW AGAINST RELIGION IN KADUNA
From the bill that has passed first reading at the Kaduna State House of Assembly now, the following are now criminalized 1. It has become a crime to listen to gospel music or hear message in your car 2. Open air crusade is now criminalized 3. Evangelism now a crime 4. Bus preaching now a criminal offence 5. No more night vigil 6. Bibles, Christian books, Christian messages on CD, Mp3, DVD etc will no more 
more be sold in bookshops or any public places
So many questions are begging for answers 1. Why did Kaduna State government lied that the communities have no building approval, when it was the same body that collected payment for approval and granted it? 2. When has it become an offence for Christians to live in their own estate for security reasons in such volatile state? 3. Is it now a criminal offence to be a Christian in Kaduna State? 4. Must APC government continue to witch hunting those who didn't give them massive votes? This is APC 97% vrs 5% in Kaduna according to Buhari's theory.
No wonder Buhari and APC want to impose their own candidate, who is a northerner as CAN chairman. At this juncture, all Christian parliamentarians, well meaning individuals Christians, CAN, CHANN and all other Christian bodies must rise to their duties. This is the Islamization Agenda of APC that we have been warning of. We know that Kaduna is only used as a litmus paper to test run the Islamization Agenda and if they succumb other APC states will follow suit. No wonder APC wanted to do everything manipulative possible to take over all states as governor.

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