My eyes are wet, my heart so heavy and my blood as hot as one can imagine, as I came out this morning, I was searching the internet and I saw little children, grown up men, youths, pregnant and old women, laying in the pool of their blood. The most painful part of it was seeing these little kids, having serious cuts on their various parts of their bodies. I went further to know why such heartbreaking photos were posted, I discovered that it was the hand work of the Fulani herdsmen. It began to dawn on me that these uncircumcised elements invaded a whole community called Agatu part of Benue State in the zoo-Nigeria. I wept and couldn't bear the pains. In my further research, I realized that these Fulani herds has being slaughtering people in their numbers only to protect an ordinary cow, not minding the consequences of murder since they are in a contraption where rule of law seems not to exist, and also where cattle are more important than the citizens.

These Fulani herdsmen, has become a threat to mankind. They go from places to places only to kill and destroy whatever that doesn't believe in Allah. This has become another strategy of killing and getting rid of Christians in the zoo Nigeria. The peadophile, terrorist and dullard Muhammadu Buhari has armed these herdsmen to kill Christians, because the Christians has always become victims at all times. If he Muhammadu Buhari is not guilty of it, in what ways has he been able to address the massacre of Agatu community? In what occasions has he showed remorse or sympathy for such act? In what manner has he condemned such act? Muhammadu Buhari is a Fulani man, why has he been quiet over the brutality of his brothers? The massacre of Christians in the zoo nigeria has become viral since this terrorist took over power. It is on record that the zoo nigerian army has given these herdsmen more power to do whatever they like and however they want it, following the recent events that took place at Enugu some weeks ago. The zoo nigerian army has shown that they are fully in support of such brutality by Fulani on innocent Christians residing in the zoo nigeria.
Christians residing in this contraption called zoo-Nigeria should note that as far as Nigeria exist, they have been singled out for total extermination, total destruction, unless they are converted to muslims. It's quite obvious that many christians are still praying for the survival of this contraption, Unknown to them that they are signing their death warrant, since Nigeria will bring nothing but only their death. Today in Kaduna state, a Christian has no right to teach publicly or in the bus. Churches and houses belonging to Christians has been marked out for destruction. What other proof do you need to convince you that you are not accepted in this country? In all these atrocities, none of the idiots that called themselves politicians has openly condemned it, then I ask them if there are no Christians among them, if their family members has sized to be Christians?
Imagine where a Senator asked for Shari'a law in a country that practice multi religion, what will become of you if it happens? It's high time Christians rise up and do the needful, especially Biafra, since we are 100% Christians. Stop praying for Nigeria, rather pray for your total freedom, because without freedom you cannot worship your Creator Chukwu-Okike-Abiama. Even Israelites needs canaan to serve their God, so don't think you can stay in an abominable place like zoo nigeria to worship or serve your God. A word is enough for the wise.

Emmanuel Precious 
Editor, Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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