Even the Bible forbids the evils that are daily sustained in a Country like Nigeria (a lawless country that doesn't worth existing). It is now a daily routine where you see scores of dead people litter on the streets in Biafra Land , gross human abuse , massacre of human lives (who are helpless), imprisonment, unlawful detention of people who clamour and agitate for self determination (as enshrined and supported by the United Nations [UN] Article).
 Infact , it is no longer a hidden agenda that Nigeria is gradually sliding into an Islamic country which it is known to be from creation but was hidden from gullible and common Nigerians who they perceive to be weak in thoughts. In the midst of all these yearnings, there is one thing which has always come to stand : which is , that no matter the level of intimidation perpetrated on us (Biafrans) they can not sway us on what we believe and is ready for.
Therefore I urge all biafrans reading this post to be steadfast in pursing this goal with any means legal and available so that in the end we will all lift our heads high and declare the republic of Biafra. Sabotaging this movement by anybody will only bring doom to the fellow because this is a divine task from God to liberate his people from the tyranny of Islamic bondage as manifested through Adolf Hitler Buhari, Nigeria Army, Police, Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, all Muslim worshippers , Hausa/fulani men and women and their supporters . But I am sure that we will prevail in the End.

By Ezekwereogu john O / human rights activist

Editor: Prince R.C 
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