Ohanaeze: the backside of a bunch of tricksters

Ohaneze Ndigbo is a social cultural fraud, even though they claim to be Igbo leading group on a mission to unite the Igbo nation. That is a lie because tricks and deceptions are their hallmark.  To start with, Igbo is not a Nation, rather, Igbo is a language spoken by a clan in Biafraland.
Ohanaeze Ndigbo again claims to be the apex social cultural group that represents and speaks for the Igbo, both at home and in Diaspora. Another lie! Ohanaeze is not chosen by any one, and so neither speaks nor represents anyone. Who voted or nominated them to lead the Igbo? Were they not people handpicked by their slave masters, the Fulani people who they do their bidden, to deceive the Igbo? How many of those "Red Fire Ants" called Ohanaeze can authoritatively come out publicly and address their constituencies as leaders?
Ohanaeze Ndigbo lacks honour, respect and dignity. It is a vehicle that takes nobody anywhere, how many years has Ohaneze Ndigbo been in existence and what have they achieved, if not scavenging from Nigeria seat of fraud "Aso Rock", to enrich themselves and their family members.
Igbo National Assembly (INA) was scrapped by one of Nigeria’s many Military governments in the past, and Ohanaeze was installed in its place to help destroy Igbo resurgence.  As little as Ohaneze Youths Forum is, they impersonated Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) the internationally acclaimed Biafran freedom fighting group. That is how dubious Ohaneze is.
It was Okechukwu Isiguzoro, an Ohanaeze youth leader who pretended to be representing IPOB and went into a meeting. Does this Isiguzoro think Biafrans will forgive him? Isiguzoro Biafrans are putting you on notice the blood of our innocent Biafrans can never be in vain and perpetrators must not go unpunished. Through the years, Ohaneze has been colluding with Fulanis to perpetrate genocide against us, the people of God, in collusion with Hausa people. Perhaps they think we do not know the level of atrocities they have committed against Biafra and Biafrans.
Ohanaeze can go and stand to represent IPOB in a meeting, how many times have they joined IPOB or stood to represent IPOB in a protest? How many times have they boldly condemned the killing of IPOB members by Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President, and his men?
Rather, they speak from both sides of their mouth, condoning the state terrorism being carried out by the Islamic Republic of Nigeria every day.  Ohaneze Ndigbo where were you when your daughters were being taken away and raped by uncircumcised Fulani and their Hausa slaves. What about our mothers and sisters being raped everyday by Fulani herdsmen, what have you said or done to stop it? What about the wars being waged against our people, by Police, Army and Fulani herdsmen, even by Boko Haram, what has Ohanaeze done about it?
Ohanaeze Ndigbo, you can connive all you want with the blood-shedders as much as you like. But one thing is certain, and that is that Biafra restoration is imminent. God wants to use Biafra to trigger the mental and physical emancipation of black people around the world, which is why nothing can stop Biafra. Fredrick Lugard, the British soldier who formed Nigeria described the peoples in the contraption as water and oil that will never mix. Let Nigerians continue fooling themselves; Nigeria can never be one.

by Kelechi Okorie

for Biafra Choice Writers
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