Nigerian newsstand: centre of falsehood
It is ridiculous to hear the Directorate of State Security (DSS) lying in court about the abduction of mazi Nnamdi Kanu by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Kanu's family led by his mother and siblings. And after which Nigerian newspapers are publicly publishing to the world that "IPOB planned to abduct Nnamdi Kanu in court."
Is this not ridiculous? Are we being made to understand that DSS is so inept that an unarmed old woman and her two children will be able to abduct Nnamdi Kanu while the DSS that are fully armed guarding Kanu will be overpowered?
How then can one trust Nigerian news reports both on newspaper and on social media?
Nigerian news: of lies and liars
To further tell you that Nigerian media are all liars, former president GoodLuck Jonathan, has taken to his facebook page to slam a Nigerian online publication for spreading falsehood about him. Though Jonathan did not name the publication in question, but many Nigerians know who they are.
Jonathan was clearly furious when he made the statement "My attention was drawn to a spurious online publication alleging that i recently made comments on the state of the nation’s economy, this falsehood must have sprung from the writer's imagination, as I was neither at any forum requiring my interventions on the state of the economy, nor met with any group of newsmen, as claimed in the write-up. I'll simply urge Nigerians to disregard such fabrication and rather concentrate on working for the good of our nation." he said.

How then can you now describe a nation whose journalists report and publish their news based on imagination and falsehood according to former president Goodluck Jonathan?

Xylem Chukwubatista
for Biafra Choice Writers
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