NIGERIA IS A FAILED STATE can never be good or united. How can Nigerians be united when the the leaders are selfish?. Will Nigerians be united when leaders derive unprecedented joy from killing of their subjects from the same so-called fellow Nigerian brothers and sister as they claim one Nigeria? Can Nigerians be united when it is obvious that Muslims are enforcing their religion on people of other religion by force? How can Nigeria be united when we have different beliefs, customs, traditions and cultural values? How can Nigeria be united when majority of the so-called fellow Nigerians are incredibly unpatriotic, starting from the leaders to their subjects? How can Nigeria be united when godfatherism, nepotism, and favoritism, paedophilism, murdering, tyranny, terrorism by boko haram and fulani herdsmen, money laundering, treasury looting by political leaders have been the acceptable way of life and order of the day in Nigeria? How can Nigeria be united when almost all the news media's (newspapers) has been brought over to eulogize evil doers in their governance? Permit me to say that some Nigerian newspapers and their reporters are all bunch of disappointment and in no distant time, they will face the wrath of God almighty. How can Nigeria be united when we are practicing ''familiar cracy'' 

(government of the family, by the family and for the family) at the detriment of other people? How can Nigeria be united when politicians are the ones begging people, spending their last kobo and even desperate to waste anyone that stands as hindrance to them. In the purest sense, aren't the electorates suppose to be the ones begging someone to go and represent them? How can Nigeria be united when they have blatantly refused to accept truth and civilization, but have chosen wholeheartedly 'bribery and corruption'? How can Nigeria be united when greed and sit tight syndrome have not been curbed? It is quite seen or rather disappointing that what president buhari have achieved so far since he became president is intolerance, condemnation, personal vendetta, acts of intimidation to Biafrans who agitate for self determination just to mention but few. One can imagine a president who only condemn the ungodly attack on his subjects, the same people that voted for him are being massacred by his kinsmen '' hausa fulani herdsmen'' in another country. The same president open his mouth widely to call all Nigerians criminals in another country. The same president have kept mute over the abduction of little girls, raping and forceful conversion of them into Islam by this same kinsmen of his. 

The economy of Nigeria today is an object of caricature. Never ending fuel subsidy, unfolding naira devaluation, high cost of living among other things. In as much as i love truth no matter how bitter, i promise to join u on this mission of truth and liberation in my own little way. I have always yawned to be eloquent, good orator and fearless when speaking the truth no matter who is affected. I believe there are many out there who are still hiding in their shadows because of one thing or the other, i urge you to step on your fears and unleash that gift in you because it is given to you for a purpose. In the case of being afraid of death, it remains a necessary end as some people opined, but to me, death is not the end but the beginning of a journey to those of them who believe in faith and hope, And to Nnamdi kanu, i personally call him Mandela of my time, great mentor and fearless orator of truth and liberation, may God strengthen and protect him. He made Biafra restoration alive again and formidable.

By Ezekwereogu John
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers

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